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Best Selling Flavours 

Abbey, Benedictine Type
Allspice Oil
Almond Bitter Essence, Natural
Almond, Bitter for Soap
Almond Bitter Imitation
Almond, Bitter no. 1-7
Almond, Bitter Synthetic No. 1-4
Almond, Imitation
Almond, Milk
Almond, Peach
Angelic, Tinture
Angostura, Bitter
Anise, Base
Anisette, Oil No. 1-2
Apple, Base
Apple, Essence Natural No. 1-5
Apple, Imitation No. 1-4
Apple, Synthetic No. 1-14
Apricot, Essence Natural No. 1-3
Apricot, Imitation No. 1-4
Apricot, Synthetic No. 1-5
Aubepine (Hawthorn)
Banana, Essence (Natural) No. 1-2
Banana, Imitation No. 1-5
Banana, Synthetic, No. 1-5
Barbecue Sauce, "Hunt Type"
Barberry, Essence (Natural)
Benedictine No. 1-2
Bergamot, Flavor
Bilberry, Essence (Natural) No. 1
Bilberry, Essence (Natural) No. 2, Red
Bilberry, Essence (Natural) No. 3, Scandanavian Type
Bilberry, Imitatino No. 1-3
Bitter No. 1 Unicum
Bitter No. 2 Spanish
Bitter No. 3 Stomach
Blackberry, Essence (Natural)
Blackberry, Imitation No. 1-3
Blackberry, Synthetic
Black Cherry
Black Currant
Black Currant, Synthetic
Black Pepper, Imitation No. 1-2
Blueberry, Essence Natural
Brandy (Cognac) No. 1-2
Bread, Fresh Roasted Flavor
Butter, Flavor, Imitation No. 1-6
Butter Flavor, Synthetic
Butter Rum
Butterscotch, Imitation No. 1-6
Cacao, Extract (Natural) No. 1. Colorless
Cacao, Extract (Natural) No. 2 Brown
Cacao, Imitation
Cacao, Synthetic
Cake, Flavor No. 1-2
Caper, Extract (Natural)
Caramel Flavor No. 1-2
Caraway, Imitation No. 1-5
Cardamom, Imitation No. 1-3
Carnation, Flavor
Carrot, Extract Natural
Cascarilla, Tinture
Cashew Estract (Natural)
Cassia, Imitation No. 1-9
Champagne, Cedar, Imitation
Champagne, Flavor
Chartreuse (Liqueur) No. 1-2
Cheese, Blue Synthetic No. 1-2
Cheese, "Roquefort" Type
Cheese, Synthetic
Cherimoya, Synthetic
Cherry "Black" Essence (Natural)
Cherry Blossom, No. 1-2
Cherry Brandy, No. 1-2
Cherry Brandy, Synthetic
Cherry Imitation, No. 1-17
Cherry Red Essence Natural Agriot
Cherry, Synthetic No. 1-9
Cherry Wild Agriot, Synthetic
Chervil, Essence Natural
Chocolate, Essence (For Praline Liquor)
Chocolate Flavor, Natural
Chocolate Flavor, Synthetic
Chocolate, Hardener
Chypre, Base for Bouquet
Cinnamon, Imitation
Citrus Fruits, Extract from Peels
Coca Flavor
Cocoa, Essence Natural
Coffee, Extract (Natural) No. 1 Brown
Coffee, Extract (Natural) No. 2 Colorless
Coffee, Extract (Natural) No. 3 Brown
Coffee, Extract (Natural) No. 4 Colorless
Coffee, Imitation No. 1-3
Coffee, Synthetic
Cognac Base, Synthetic
Cognac, Imitation No. 1-7
Cola, Imitation No. 1-2  (Syrup)
Cola, Tinture
Coriander, Imitation No. 1-2
Cranberry, synthetic
Cream Paste
Crystal Beverages
Cucumber Extract (Natural)
Cucumber "Milk" (For Cosmetics)
Culinary Extract (Natural)
Curacao, Imitation No. 1-6, Liquor Base
Currant, Extract (Natural) No. 1-2
Currant, Imitation No. 1-6
Currant, Synthetic No. 1-6
Date, Extract (Natural)
Date, Imitation No. 1-2
Date, Synthetic
Ernet "Branca" Essence
Fig, Essence (Natural)
Fish, Odor (Natural)
Fondant Orgeat Praline
Fortified Extracts from Vegetables
Fruit Extract Natural Flavor
Fruit Soda
Fungi Extract (Natural)
Garlic Extract (Natural)
Gin, Imitation
Ginger, Essence (Natural)
Ginger, Extract (Natural) Gingerine
Ginger, Imitation 1-5
Girofle (Clove)Tincture
Glace Cake Mix
Gooseberry, Extract Natural
Gooseberry, Imitation 1-5
Gooseberry, Synthetic 1-4
Grape, Extract (Natural) 1-2
Grape, Imitation 1-2
Grape, Synthetic 1-9
Grapefruit, synthetic
Green Gage, Extract Natural
Green Gage, Imitation
Guava, Extract Natural
Ham, Baked Glaze
Hazelnut, Extract Natural
Herbal Cream (Celery or any other herb)
Honey, Imitation no. 1-7
Honey, Synthetic no. 1-5
Hop Extract Natural
Hop, Imitation
Hop, Synthetic no. 1
Huckleberry, Synthetic 1-2
Juices, General
Kernel, (Nut) General
Ketchup Mushroom Flavor
Ketchup, Spice
Ketchup, Tomato Flavor
Lavender, Flavor
Lemon Extract
Lemon Imitation 1-16
Lemon Powdered concentrate
Lemon, Synthetic 1-3
Licorice, Root Extract Natural
Lime, Extract Natural
Lime, Imitation
Lime, Synthetic 1-5
Malt, Extract (Natural)
Malt, Imitation 1-2
Mandarin, Imitation 1-9
Mandarin, Synthetic No. 1
Mango, Extract (Natural)
Mango, Imitation
Maple Flavor
Maple, Syrup
Maraschino Imitation 1-4
Mayonnaise, Real
Mayonnaise, Spice
Meat, Flavor
Melon, Extract (Natural)
Melon, Imitation 1-3
Melon, Synthetic No. 1-8
Mentha, Cream
Milk, Caramel
Mirabelle (Plum) Extract (Natural)
Mirabelle (Plum) Imitaion
Mirabelle (Plum) Synthetic
Muguet, for cream
Mulberry, Extract Natural
Mulberry, Imitation
Mulberry, Synthetic 1-3
Mushroom, Imitation No. 1-2
Nutmeg, Imitation no. 1-5
Nuts, Flavor for Pastry
Nuts, Kernels (General method of flavor extraction)
Onion, Extract (Natural)
Onion, Imitation
Orange, Extract Natural
Orange, Imitation 1-14
Orange, Synthetic 1-4
Oregano, Type
Peach, Extract (Natural)
Peach, Imitation 1-12
Peach, Synthetic 1-12
Pear, Extract (Natural)
Pear, Imitation 1-10
Pear, Synthetic 1-14
Pea, Sweet, Imitation 1-3
Pea, Sweet, Synthetic 1-2
Peppermint, Imitation 1-6
Persicot (Peach Kernel Imitation)
Pickle Spice Salts
Pineapple (Ananas) Extract 1-2
Pineapple (Ananas) Imitation 1-10
Pineapple (Synthetic) 1-11
Pistachio Nut, Extract (Natural)
Pistachio Nut, Imitation 1-8
Plum Extract (Natural)
Plum, Imitation 1-6
Plum, Synthetic 1-6
Pomegranate (Grenadine) Imitation 1-8
Pomegranate (Grenadine) Synthetic
Potato, Flavor
Pound Cake Flavor
Powdered Flavors
Praline Flavor Crystals
Proteinic Basic Flavor
Prunelle, Extract (Natural)
Quince, Extract (Natural)
Quince, Imitation
Quince, Synthetic 1-3
Raisin, Synthetic
Raspberry, Extract (Natural) 1-3
Raspberry, Imitation 1-10
Raspberry, Synthetic 1-13
Root Beer, Imitation
Rose, Flavor
Rose, Liquor
Rosemary, Chili
Rum, Ether Flavor
Rum, Imitation No. 1-5
Rum "Jamaica," No. 1-2
Rum, Oil
Rum, Synthetic 1-3
Saint John's Bread (Carob,) Tincture
Sarsaparilla, Imitation No. 1-2
Sassafras, Imitation No. 1-4
Sassafras, Synthetic No. 1-2
Sauce Flavors
Sauce, Flavor Base
Sauce, Soy Flavor
Savory, Oil 1-2
Scotch, Smoke Type Taste
Smoke, Flavor
Smoke, Flavor for Fish (Seasoning)
Smoke, Flavor for Meat
Spearmint - Wintergreen-Peppermint No. 1-2
Spice, Imitation No. 1-2
Strawberry, Extract (Natural) No. 1-2
Strawberry, Imitation 1-11
Strawberry Synthetic No. 1-13
Syrup, Base for Flavor (Pancake)
Syrup, Simple, Base for Flavor
Tamarind, Extract (Natural)
Tangarine, Extract (Natural)
Tangerine, Imitation 1-2
Tea, Imitation 1-2
Tea, Natural 1-3
Tobacco, Formulas for Improving Flavor and Odor
Tobacco, Chewing Flavor No. 1-2
Tobacco, Cigarette, Flavor 1-3
Tobacco Flavor No. 1-9
Tutti Frutti
Valerian, Root, Extract (Natural)
Vanilla, Concentrated Flavor
Vanilla, Flavor No. 1-3
Vanilla, Imitation No. 1-2
Vanilla Beans Extract (Natural) No. 1-2
Vanilla Beans, Imitation
Vanilla Beans, Tincture No. 1-2
Vanillin, Crystal (Partial)
Vanillin, Flavored Mixture
Vanillin No. 1
Vanillin No. 2 (Ester Mixture)
Vanillin, Super Odor
Vanillin, Water Soluble
Vermouth, Italian Type No. 1-2
Vinegar, Spiced
Violet, Flavor
Walnut, Extract (Natural)
Walnut, Flavor for Ketchup
Walnut, Imitation No. 1-6
Wintergreen, Synthetic No. 1-3
Woodruff, Extract (Natural)
Woodruff, Imitation
Woodruff, Synthetic No. 1-2
Worcestershire Sauce No. 1-2