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Why are fragrances important in business? 

78% - of our emotions and primarily purchsing, are influenced by what we smell.

95% - of fortune 1000 companies focus their marketing on what we see and hear not what we smell.

            That ignores the fact that of our emotions arise from what we smell not from what we see or hear.  

88% - of fortune 1000 ads target our eyes & ears but not our nose.

88% - of  smell operates at the unconscious level; it even operates when we are asleep.

45% - We recall what we see less than one month.

65% - We remember what we smell even after 1.5 years.


Benefits? Why should I manufacture fragrances? 

Cost savings example: Bubblegum Concentrated Oil costs $.60/lb. to manufacture.

Avoid separation issues/ no fillers / by using half as much fragrance in your products.  

Control the strength of your products line. 

Enhances brand image, customer experience & brand loyalty. 

Creates the emotional connection with your customers. 

Reduces stress, improve performance, reduce response times, and increases recall. 

Creates a comfortable, welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Enhances customer perception on quality products & service level.


A Must Read for Manufacturers:

There is (1) chemical readily available that can be mixed directly with your "product" to produce a wonderful Cherry fragrance, that costs $1.00 per pound.

If you use Banana, Spice, Orange, Pineapple, or Floral, in your products you need to call me now as only (1) raw material in most cases can replace your expensive

fragrance provider.