Fragrance formulas for sale – Over 20,000 proven formulas. These are not demo formulas, sample formulas, etc.

These are industry proven fragrance formulas for sale. If you’ve ever wanted to start a perfume business, now is your chance. We are a boutique perfume and fragrance R&D Firm. We’re selling 20,000 of the most sought after perfume formulas and recipes. It’s taken us 16 years to build this formulary by deformulating industry leading scents. Our perfumers test for accuracy, quality, and stability, then recreate in our lab to ensure a match.

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Fragrance Formulas for Sale – Over 20,000 proven formulas

If you’ve ever:

  • Dreamed about owning your very own perfume or fragrance manufacturing business.
  • Wanted to create a new perfume / cologne now is your chance.
  • Wanted to make your own unique creation by combining several of your favorite scents…. We can help.
  • Wanted a database of 20,000 formulas to see which raw materials are most commonly used.
  • Wanted to see the approximate costs for over 1,000 raw materials.

If you are:

  • A raw material supplier and want to create new green scents and replace harsh chemicals.
  • A candle company and just want to know more about what’s in the fragrances you purchase.
  • A heavy fragrance user and want ability to test each batch for quality, now is your chance.

We are & we specialize in “fragrance research and development” services. For nearly 20 years, we’ve strengthened, encapsulated, and created some of the longest lasting fragrance and perfume recipes in the marketplace today. For example: Tide_type, Gain_type, Febreze_type, Bounce Type, Fierce type, Chanel #5 type, Tom Ford type, Leather/Tobacco/Oud, Santal, etc.

In addition to our fragrance R&D services, we are now offering bulk manufacturing. We manufacture high end “fragranced” hand lotions (scent lasts for 24 hours). We also manufacture laundry detergent-sleep on the sheets for 7-10 days and still smell the fragrance, Spritz before you Go, liquid hand soap, scented bubbles, and over 100 more products. We can package in ½ gallon, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and 275 gallon totes. All of these products can be fragranced with your specific scents or ours.

When you choose our private label services, we can ship product to your location. If you prefer, we can also ship to Amazon, or anywhere you would like. The products will ship with your label on it or ours, and a blind bill of lading.

Limited time offer

If you are interested in fragrance development, deformulation, or private labeling, be sure to call us. If you would like a database of over 20,000 proven fragrance formulas, I strongly suggest you call us today. This offer ends soon.