For nearly 20 years, we’ve created the worlds most unforgettable fragrances and flavors. We never stop innovating and with over 20,000 formulas under our belt, we know a thing or two!

We are family owned, family run, and backed by over 249 years of combined experience!

If you are interested in learning more about us, grab a cup of coffee, sit in your easy chair, and check out our PowerPoint Style Text presentation below.


WE ARE INNOSOL FRAGRANCES AND FLAVORS (INFRIN) & Have over 20,000 Fragrance & Flavor Formulas: Presentation February 24, 2018

• INFRIN was established in 2002 to provide R&D services to the Fragrance & Flavor industry and we started out helping small companies that couldn’t afford to hire in-house support

  • Over the years we’ve grown to provide proven fragrance formulas to “Fortune 500” companies as well. Our perfumers make us one of the top Fragrance R&D firms in the US, as they have experience with top firms including Giv., Firm., and IFF.
  • On January 1st , 2018 we officially kicked-open the doors for expansion and we’re ready to share our R&D with the world
  • Our proven perfume and fragrance recipes have been used for nearly 20 years throughout the world and in just about every industry.  For example, we’ve created long lasting hand lotions that hold their scent for up to 24 hours, and laundry detergents that can scent your laundry, linens, and delicates for 7-10 days, that we dubbed “laundry perfume.”  Think about traveling overseas for a few weeks and every time you put on a new outfit, it smells just like home. Then you spray your hotel sheets with our patent pending spray so they smell just like your laundry & just like home. Our customers tell us that using our fragrances while traveling helps them fall asleep faster, have better concentration, sleep longer, and feel safer!
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re rolling out our new product line in May 2018 that will transform the industry so please stay tuned and watch our site for updates.


  • $40 Billion Dollar Fragrance Industry

Dominated by 20 fragrance and flavor manufacturers, Apx.500 mfg. globally

Few competitors

Many countries have no manufacturing presence – all fragrances are imported – huge opportunity

  • Uses

Every part of our day to day life is dominated by fragrances and flavors.

From the time you rise in the morning: [Your coffee is flavored, your soaps, clothes, hair products, shaving products are all fragranced, not to mention your cologne, perfume, candles, air fresheners,…. and now even our pets have their own fragrances.] Till the time you go to sleep on your amazingly fresh smelling linens.



After Bath Cologne

Hand Soap (Liquid)

After Shave Lotions


Ammonia Masks

Isopropyl Alcohol


Bath Oil


Bath Salts

Bubble Bath

Perfume Concentrations

Candle Perfumes

Cold Wave Lotion


Cologne Concentrations

Pre-Shave Lotions

Deodorant Cologne



Shaving Cream

Spray Deodorants

Stick Deodorants

Textile Deodorants

Furniture Polish

Hair Preparations

Waterless Hand Cleanser

Hair Sprays (Aerosol)

Wick Deodorants

Hand Soap (Bar)



  • Currently at $40.8 Billion US Dollars Expected to grow to 43.6 Billion by 2021



  • Why aren’t there more competitors in the market?

Barriers to Entry:

Creating fragrances and flavors is an art. Very few are good at it.

The only entry into this market has traditionally been to purchase an established fragrance and flavor manufacturer. The cost to do so in typically over $5,000,000.00.



What sets us apart from our competition (continued)

  • Over 20,000 artistically created formulas and specifications
  • Methods of operation & inventory control
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and marketing
  • Trademarks
  • Equipment and chemical layout



Body Spray


Air Fresheners

Laundry Detergent / Fabric Softener


Hand Lotion

Hotel/Airplane Travel Spray

Hand and Foot Scrub


Fragrant Bubbles – (Makes you feel like a kid again)

Personal Care/Hair Care

Bar Soaps / Foaming Hand Soaps

Impregnating plastics

Paints / Coatings

Masking Agents

Car Wash Market

Air Fresheners



Proven Formulas, Quality Ingredients, Global Sales

  • Encapsulation Technology
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Formulated by industry experts

High-performance chemicals




We’re actively seeking partners in the US and abroad. If your company is interested in growing through fragrance manufacturing, please contact us.

With over 20,000 recipes in our formulary-We’re ready to help! Thank you! 281-859-4428

Innosol, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance, long lasting fragrances, rig cleaning products, and drilling fluid additives. Products sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.