#1 Way to Create Irresistible Fragrances for New product launches & Save the Environment

fragrance sustainability without compromise innosolinc.com

Our customers are using our 30,000 fragrance and flavor formulas to their advantage. They are taking a front seat to learn & understand how fragrance oils are developed, and creating new variations on their own.

Many of our formulas contain as few as 10 to 20 easily sourceable and sustainable ingredients with amazing results. With so few ingredients, there is plenty of room for Amazing. Customers love the fact that all fragrance ingredients can now be disclosed and printed right on the label.

Or, the old way:

Traditional F&F Houses use secrecy & captives to protect their formulas. Recent formulas we’ve put under a scope contain over 400 unnecessary chemicals. A captive is an aroma chemical with hundreds of ingredients created by a F&F House to protect their formulas from imitation. Oh, and you are paying for all of the extra ingredients and time needed to make these captives. But the real question is…. Do we really need more chemicals in the products we use on our skin, hair, and body – environment?

Innosol, Inc’s Formulary & Aroma-Tune: Nothing Unnecessary & Sustainability without Compromise