99% of Brands will NEVER change their fragrance or ingredient suppliers during its entire lifecycle…

Shocked -Fragrances are Toxic

And that’s fine by us.  Yet, New Product Launches are a different matter. Manufacturers around the globe tell us they have been searching for a solution like Aroma-Tune for fragrance inspiration and cost savings for their New Product Launches. While manufacturing oils is still not in the equation, CPG’s need to satisfy shareholders profitability as well as customers who are demanding transparency.

It is undisputed that owning fragrance formulas gives our customers leverage to negotiate lower pricing from their oil supplier. Removing R&D from the oil cost improves profits and allows our customers to receive a quick payback for our system, typically in just a few years.

Want a few more reasons to try Aroma-Tune?

  • Customers are demanding full disclosure of all ingredients.
  • Shareholders expect improved profitability from new launches.
  • Not to mention, our perfume formulas, software, ai technology, standardized data, and new ingredient discovery, help bring better products to market faster with full ownership-rights.

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