Innosol Inc’s Addictive Wash Laundry Perfume was originally formulated in 2002 to gently clean your delicates such as silks, bras, swimsuits, and cashmeres and provide the most amazing and longest lasting scent for months after washing.

Addictive Wash Laundry Perfume: Our customers soon advised us that they use our Addictive Wash on everything they own including work clothes, work-out clothes, and they want their whole house and car to smell like “Champagne” our exclusive scent.

We have fun with the name, and yes, when you tell your friends you wash your clothes in Champagne, you are sure to get some quick-witted responses.

Our industry proven Addictive Wash can be used in HE machines, standard machines, as well as for hand washing.

Addictive Wash Laundry Perfume, Our customers tell us:

I’m addicted to this laundry perfume! The scent lasts in my linen closet for months, and on my bed sheet for up to 10 days. The scent takes over my entire house and when friends come over they always ask me how my home can smell so good all the time.

This must be what Heaven smells like.

When I run out of product, I get really sad… This is the most amazing laundry detergent I’ve ever used and I truly miss the smell of my sheets when traveling.

I’m in sales and get this question a lot. What is that amazing perfume you are wearing? They always laugh when I tell them I don’t wear perfume because of my allergies, you are just catching a whiff of my laundry detergent.

I find myself pouring addictive wash in my potties before guests arrive, as it eliminates all bathroom odors throughout the evening.


Please ask us about our toll blending services:

We blend, fill, package, label (yours or ours), and ship to you or Amazon.

We can package everything from 4oz containers to 550 gallon totes.

Turnaround time: 10 Business Days