-Are manufacturers taking fragrance creation via Ai seriously? Are you?

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Each of us has moods, good and bad, we are full of emotions, dreams, and aspirations; we’re fascinating & beautiful, each in a unique way—and often unpredictable. Similar to a great perfume. With this being said, How can a computer compete?

We are all in love with the mystery behind how a perfume is created. The best part about a perfume is the emotion felt after taking that first breath, experiencing something truly amazing, and that my experience will always be different than yours. It’s romantic to some, enticing to others; it’s hard to find the right words, as it strikes each of us, uniquely. Its mystique shrouded in secrets of the past.

We created Aroma-Tune with one goal, and it wasn’t to ruin the mystique of perfume creation or mechanize the creation process—or even step on other perfumers’ toes. It’s to help people learn and allow them to choose better, more sustainable ingredients.

Like many other companies, consumer product manufacturers are coming to terms with fragrances in their products and their overall environmental impact. Producing fragrances uses natural raw resources and choosing the wrong ingredients can create greenhouse gases and chemical waste, and the finished products have been compared to a contributing factor of air pollution due to VOC’s (volatile chemicals).

Aroma-Tune can engineer or re-engineer a formula to make it more enviro- friendly. But most companies don’t know all of the ingredients in fragrances used in their products. That’s where we step in, we help our customers learn about fragrances, and then our software identifies suspect ingredients, and suggests eco-alternatives.

But just because more fragrance houses are using AI doesn’t mean you will hear about it. This is just one more area where the big fragrance houses are using AI in some respect, but the big houses don’t want to announce that perfumes are made using AI, so it’s not a topic.

You will often hear them tout; Fragrance is about emotions and is very intimate. They walk this fine line because many consumers want to believe in the mystery and don’t want what a machine produces to touch their skin, even if it beneficial for all.

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