Aroma-Tune Database, Industries Served

Aroma-Tune, Industries Served
There are many industries that can benefit from our Aroma-Tune database (30,000 fragrance formulas) for R&D purposes as well as to study & further develop safer fragrances & flavors in products. (Pharma, Military, Space, Renewables-just to name a few)

Over the past 22 years, we’ve received thousands of inquiries to act as perfumer consultants & create best selling, yet sustainable fragrances for new brands as well as chemical masking agents, human, animal & rat repellents, calming fragrances, ocean & air fragrances, & flavors, etc. 

More About Us:
Rather than keep our 30,000 fragrance formulas in a silo, we believe we should share our knowledge to allow manufacturers to produce safer products. We believe all manufacturers should have access to more eco-friendly, sustainable, ingredients and formulations. 

We’ve just introduced a way to efficiently offer the many benefits of being able to leverage the expertise of our team of perfumers without having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase a fragrance manufacturer. 

We call our system, Aroma-Tune®, and it is currently available for licensing. Aroma-Tune® enables users to visually control ingredient attributes in real time – such as create, replace, or optimize individual notes while seeing strength, duration, cost, ingredients, odors, and measure with accuracy how each change impacts the formula. Advanced metrics such as cohesive energy, molecular volume, Vapor-Pressure-Evaporation, and solubility are all at your fingertips.

In addition to formulas we also provide one of the most comprehensive data packages available on the Fragrance market today.

The ability to study patterns in the actual production formulas for 30,000 top perfumes, global brands, candles, & pharma formulas will allow your team to lead the industry.

You will also receive the following most comprehensive fragrance and raw material database ever compiled.

•          Raw Material (SDS) Database: 40,000 raw materials with 400 individual sds results.
•          Accord Database: 250 proven “Hooks” accords with approximately 50 ingredients each.
•          Standardized List of Fragrance Ingredients Database: All of our formulas were created using this standardized list of 1,700 F&F ingredients.
•          Solubility & Evaporation Database: 10,000 solubility & evap. parameters.

Manufacture Fragrances on-site & on-demand: In the name of sustainability, transparency, and reducing the overall carbon footprint, we see a bright future with our dynamic model, allowing thousands of companies to manufacture small batches on site, making minor changes on demand, and creating new and unique fragrances.

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