Fragrance Factory in a Box©

Revolutionizing the fragrance industry. “Fragrance Factory in a box©” offers Flexibility, Mobility, & Speed to market. Fragrance Factory-in-a-Box is an effective tool, that you will wonder how you ever lived without. Our patent pending system contains four key parts, each of which can be licensed individually: an Intellectual property/technical solution, a logistics solution, a training solution and a methodology for production.

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We’ve created over 30,000 fine perfumes & natural and organic fragrances for stand alone perfume brands, candles, cosmetics, & personal care products. We are committed to building a foundation of safety, renewability, low carbon, loyalty and transparency, so that you can expand your offering, sell into new markets, and systematically expand sales, please contact us today.

Innosol Lemon Flowers
Innosol Lemon Flowers

Our partners & perfumers are located throughout the world, with offices in Houston, Seoul, Barcelona, The U.K., & Colombia and we would love to collaborate with you. We are one of the only companies that can offer a global perspective with unlimited scalability.

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