Fragrance Ingredients Database for Machine Learning-Over 40,000 Chemicals – Now available

AromaTune 30,000 fragrance formulas that fit in your pocket

Fragrance Ingredients Database for Machine Learning-Over 40,000 Chemicals – Now available: One of the most common machine learning challenges is the availability of standardized data. Data is needed in huge chunks to train machine learning algorithms. Data of a few hundred items is not sufficient to train the models and implement machine learning correctly so we’ve cataloged virtually every scent known to man, identified each ingredient, digitized, and compiled in a flat file for use in any device. In simple terms, we’ve created a digital roadmap or rgb for scent.

You are purchasing Innosol’s Fragrance and Flavor ingredient database. This is your chance to see all ingredients used in the fragrance and flavor industry

We’ve taken an engineering approach to demystify digital olfaction through chemistry and computer science.

Problems our flat-file database is helping to solve:

  • Catching Warning Signs Early: Medical Field: Devices used to detect seizures before onset that that can sense and notify their doctor and caregiver before an oncoming episode.
  • Optimizing Biohybrid Devices for Odor Detection Devices: Similar to smoke detectors, that can detect odors produced by off spec. or spoiled ingredients before they show visual signs are observed.
  • Oil & Gas: From escaping gas to identifying critical equipment prior to failure 200 miles offshore.
  • Defects in Manufacturing: Just like a good mechanic can smell a problem, we are working on identifying defects before they become a problem through smell.
  • Combinations of Fragrances and Flavors: Safety analysis of ingredient combinations – has been an overwhelming request for years from the F&F Industry. Our database is instrumental in handling this task.

Fragrance Ingredients Database for Machine Learning-Over 40,000 Chemicals – Now available: Features:

  • Newly discovered molecules, graphs, & data sets.
  • 1 flat file that fits in your pocket & can be used in any device.
  • Visual representation – see chemicals like you’ve never seen them before.
  • >40,000 Molecules & >300 metrics per ingredient. Ex. Smiles, Organoleptics, Evap. Rates, Molecular structure.
  • Solubility & Evaporation parameters also available.
  • From GC/MS to Pattern analysis, made easy using Naïve Bayes Algorithm

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