How does scent fit into Virtual Reality? A deep dive into digital scent tech in VR.

VR AR open source fragrance formulas Innosolinc.com

Open Source fragrance formulas from Innosol, Inc. are changing the rules of the game for VR & the MetaVerse.   

Most VR is amazing and lifelike, however, many wish it would include smell. The problem, fragrance companies will only sell you fragrance oil, not the formula. 

Current VR headsets typically contain a replaceable cartridge with scented liquid. This also has many limitations as only a few scents are available, it’s heavy with liquid, and you are stuck with 1 supplier, oh, and you don’t own the formulas.

Using our open source fragrance formulas allows VR companies to reimagine their VR headsets. The ability to create thousands of distinct scents using a raw material cartridge versus an oil filled cartridge. This advancement also helps remove engineering hurdles giving the engineers unprecedented freedom with the ability to create and clear scents quickly. 

Some recent industry breakthroughs:

Adjusting ingredients through a smartphone app using an electronic micro-precision extracting system to emit a unique aroma in different ratios and volumes, offering thousands of different options.

Maximizing shareholder value is key and owning IP is key for proper valuations, yet current fragrance attempts in VR are stifled due to the iron claw holding this IP hostage. 

Innosol fragrances offers the industry’s first open source fragrance formulary with 30,000 formulas to choose from. We are talking about the actual ingredients and percentages, not just the oil. 

How can this help the industry?

Well for starters, many fragrances are made up of just a few ingredients, such as a rotten corpse; butyric acid does the trick in just 1 ingredient. Interested in a banana scent, Primary Amyl Acetate hits the mark.

Want a realistic game with the odors of water, air, dynamite, green grass, burnt rubber, sewage, rotting corpse, gasoline, smoke, gun powder, oil, earth, dirt, spice, pepper spray, fart… or even marijuana, we have you covered.

Or for training purposes roses, flowers, watermelon, orange, lemon, lime, grape, blueberries, cake, vanilla, lavender, raspberry, etc.   Or how about scents that help people study and stay focused for longer periods of time.

Here’s a fun fact: 

If you own the fragrance formula you can trademark the smell, as well as have trade dress protection. Call us for more details.

The smell used in your VR headset is now yours and no one else can use… period.

Trade dress make the cologne the shape of a hand grenade or Apple or pear or car, or tire, etc.

Benefits of owning our Open Source Fragrance Formulas from Innosol, Inc.:

  • Reducing Allergens: Reducing the amount of chemicals in fragrances is critical. We help you use the minimum ingredients for the effect needed.

VR & Metaverse Merchandising – advertise for new perfumes, candles, & products using your VR headset. Walking through a virtual store smelling a new candle, or cologne that hasn’t hit the market yet…

  • Action Figures impregnated with your gun powder aroma or novelty sprays or smoke bombs for the Forth of July may be a game changer.

Bottom Line:

Emerging technologies demand ownership of their intellectual property.  Let your competitors continue to purchase oil for formulas they don’t own. This will only make your company that much more valuable.

VR, AR, & High Tech companies are calling on our open-source fragrance formulas to fill the void. 

There are 4 main applications

Arts and entertainment: VR– AR Games,  Movie Theaters, Concerts, Festivals, Pop-ups, and Gorilla Marketing.

Hazardous Job Training: H2S (poison gas) Oil & Gas Simulations, Problem identification, and Leak Detection.

Medical/ Army: Field medics, who must learn to perform in stressful situations, might face typical aromas of  gasoline, gunpowder, burning rubber, or corpses.