If you want to launch a fragrance transparency campaign with your favorite brand but don’t know how to effectively engage with the board, here are some things you need to know first.

Fragrance Transparency innosolinc.com
  • You only need one share to vote at an annual general meeting (AGM).  One share of stock in a company means that you’re a partial owner of said company and you now have a way to speak directly to the board.
  • Fragrance oils are one of the top 3 expenses in a products overall cost, yet many global brands don’t own these formulas, don’t know all ingredients, can’t hedge against shortages, or provide transparency to consumers. Why is this? Third  parties manufacture the oils for global brands and consider these (trade-secrets).
  • If the global Brands you love don’t know all of the ingredients used in their products, how can they claim their brand strongly believes in sustainability?
  • With millions being spent each year on package redesign, why aren’t global brands trying to improve their product using safer, more sustainable ingredients, and improve its transparency?
  • Fragrance is the one ingredient in global brands that contacts our skin daily, that most know nothing about. Let’s change this.

We are Aroma-Tune: The must-have R&D software that provides full fragrance transparency!  We created Aroma-Tune to help global brands provide complete fragrance & product transparency. After implementing Aroma-Tune, users advises they were able to provide 100% transparency and greatly reduce their overall product cost.

Our offer:


Our offer is equivalent to Purchasing a Fragrance Firm (all R&D) with full fragrance formula transparency, plus all trade secrets, including Encapsulation, incorporation into various mediums, and % per product type. 

Providing the following information to your favorite brand during a shareholder meeting will help them along their journey to provide complete product transparency. Company shareholders don’t want excuses, they demand product transparency.

Aroma-Tune is the gateway for serious companies to achieve sustainability and 100% ingredient transparency.

Purchasing Options: We offer many ways for CPG’s & other manufacturers to license our software & formulary.

  • Multiple payment terms are now available
  • One lump sum payment
  • Or Monthly –Yearly – Per Seat License
  • Or Ownership & shares to JV with us.

Value Proposition:

(*) The cost to license our Aroma-Tune Software is typically paid back 12–18 months after licensing.

(-) Total Cost Savings and Benefits

  • After implementing Aroma-Tune, many of our customers advise they save between 10 -25%  overall product cost.


  • Fragrances are one of the top 3 expenses in a products overall cost
  • Aroma-Tune controls fragrance costs and provide complete product transparency.
  • Sustainability
  • Standardization
  • Hedge against shortages

(=) Return on Investment – See below ROI from our Users

Scented Candle

RankIngredientProduct Cost /Per 8 oz. Candle
1Container & Lid$1.25
2Fragrance Oil$1.05
6Safety Sticker$0.05
7Wick Sticker$0.02

In this spreadsheet, fragrance oil of 0.80 ounces is used per 8 oz. candle. Oil cost was $20.95/lb. The fragrance contributes 32% to the overall price. An Aroma-Tune user was able to reduce the cost of their fragrance from $20.95/lb. to $5.00/lb., saving $0.80 per candle. Their cost went from $3.31 to $2.51/per-candle produced, (24% savings/per-candle)

Basic Shampoo

RankIngredient $/lbIngredientSizeProduct Cost /lb.
1$0.75Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate25.0%0.188
3$4.00Cocamidopropyl Betaine2.5%0.100
4$0.75Sodium Laureth Sulfate4.0%0.030
5$4.00Citric Acid0.3%0.012
6$4.00Disodium EDTA0.1%0.004
7$3.00DMDM Hydantoin0.1%0.003
8$0.20Ammonium Chloride1.0%0.002
9$18.00Yellow 6 (CI 15985)0.0%0.001

In this spreadsheet, fragrance is the second largest expense ($0.10/lb Product Cost) and even at a minimal concentration (less than 1%), it contributes 23% to the overall product cost. An Aroma-Tune user advised they now can provide full transparency and have reduced their fragrance cost to $10.00 per lb. that saves ($0.05/lb. product cost) for every pound produced.  (From $0.44 to $0.39) or 11% overall savings.

Or, How about a practical example regarding the power of owning fragrance formulas. A luxury retailer built a fragrance manufacturing facility & in 1 year, profits increased by 25% *full article on our  blog.

As an owner of common stock, your opinion matters and there are two big ways to express that opinion: you can vote, or you can sell your shares. Shareholders with at least one full share of the company’s stock may get a voice on certain business decisions. The ability to vote at shareholder meetings isn’t just a perk—it’s a right.

Let your voice be heard and demand fragrance transparency.  Aroma-Tune – A Global Brands direct path towards fragrance transparency.