Imagine having 30,000 perfume formulas at your fingertips…with brilliant visual displays

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These are 30,000 perfume production formulas for some of the worlds top brands, disclosing all ingredients by percentage and this intellectual property is now available for you to see all ingredients, a total and full disclosure.

Would you be shocked to learn that many of the largest brands in the world don’t own the fragrance formulas in their best selling products? It’s taken us 22 years to create, deformulate, and manufacture many of the world’s best selling perfumes & fragrance oils. For more information: Please contact us today.

  • Click-Here to see all ingredients in a global best selling perfume.
  • Aroma-Tune® provides all ingredients by percentage in 30,000 of the world’s best selling fragrance formulas.
  • Aroma-Tune® twists a formula, replaces chemicals with sustainable ingredients, thus creating new proprietary formulations.

All 30,000 formulas contain brilliant visual displays listing hundreds of data points for each ingredient & real time costing. Compound traditional or sustainable & food grade samples in-house in just a few minutes.  Just imagine what you could create?

Key Features:

·     Target-driven recipe development with real-time analysis of costs, ingredients, and compliance.

·     Simplified process for F&F creation, evaluation, and optimization.

·     30,000 Proven Fragrance & Flavor Formulas, including global best sellers.

·     Raw material database with odor, synonyms, suppliers, etc.

·     Visual display of solubility, evaporation, performance & odor characteristics.

·     Relative odor strength and life of materials.

·     Performance/stability in common applications.

·     Real time costing of compounds.

·     Create & compound formulas in-house.

·     The ability to combine a fragrance formula with a product formula for a thorough analysis.

Using fabulously complex algorithms to interpret our 30,000 production formulas, Aroma-Tune is the first professional grade fragrance creation program that provides production formulas from top selling perfumes, laundry detergents, candles, personal care, & pharma.

Disclaimer: Product names, brands, and other trademarks or trade names featured or referred to within our ads are the property of their respective holders. These holders are not affiliated with Innosol, Inc.,

Coming Soon:

·     Load raw gcms data into our app and it will predict the formulas with accuracy and in seconds, not hours.

·     Algorithms that can optimize odor characteristics automatically.

·     Compare alternative raw materials in seconds.

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