The “Ability” to manufacture fragrance oils, regardless if you ever intend to, provides a systematic advantage gained by being in a position to use the technology.

In North America, the USDA recently released its Florida citrus production forecast for 2022-December 2023. The current estimate is 20 million cases per year, down 8 million from previous projections and representing total production over the 29-year period from October. Florida grapefruit production was also down 10% from his October forecast, while mandarin production was down 14%. All these indicators represent a 51 percent decrease in citrus production compared to the previous season, leading fragrance prices to skyrocket.


But did you know that synthetics can replace citrus aromas at a fraction of the cost.. Learn More.


you can't improve what you can't see -Aromatune
You can’t improve what you can’t see -Aromatune

Why Firms Buy our Formulas and What it Means for Your Products

Access, Leverage, Know-How


Our customers choose to upgrade themselves and their position in the market, and they also want a competitive advantage.

Every aspect of product manufacturing is scrutinized, measured and controlled with one exception, Fragrances. Negotiating pricing without a detailed understanding of fragrance composition means executives lose their bargaining position and don’t have alternatives to pitch, so they have to wing-it, which is never the answer.

Our customers license our formulas to gain immediate leverage against the big 4 fragrance houses. It’s effectively owning a 22-year-old fragrance house with all of the trade secrets and manufacturing know-how, without inventory or receivables.


The “Ability” to manufacture, regardless if they ever intend to, provides a systematic advantage gained by being in a position to use the technology. The ability to provide an in-house formula to the big 4 for them to compound shows sheer force.


Our customers experience a transformational shift in this category the minute they purchase our formulary. The logic is sound.

How does it work? Beginners, from day 1, review marketing data to decide which aromas work best per geographic location. If this new product is for South America, they may choose our best selling lime formula and best selling citrus formula. They next print out these 2 formulas and provide to their fragrance house with instructions to mix each at 50%. Formulas remain balanced and this is also a standard industry practice at all F&F Houses.

This formula is now 100% owned by our customers, with all rights. They can now hedge against shortages and use our list of synthetics for orange oil or other essential oils depending on the overall crop yield.


The “Ability” to manufacture, regardless if they ever intend to, flexes their newfound leverage.


Perfume Formulas
Perfume Formulas

We are Innosol, Inc., And We’ve Been Providing Transformational Change To The Fragrance & Flavor Industry Since 2000.


We are America’s most trusted R&D Firm for fragrance formulations. Over the past 22 years, we’ve created over 30,000 perfumes & natural and organic fragrances for stand alone perfume brands, candles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & personal care products. Our formulas are 99% accurate and used in thousands of products in more than 30 countries.

We are the only firm that offers Master-Rights (Ownership-Rights) for all of our formulations. We allow our customers to purchase the actual production formulas for both perfumes & products, for R&D or manufacturing, for a set period or for life.