Is there a perfume manufacturer near me? Our innovative on site ‘micro factory’ ships to you, reduces fragrance costs, shipping costs and lead times, and gives you greater flexibility. Manufacturing your high volume oils on-site has never been easier.

Our team of chemists, perfumers, and engineers have successfully deployed a perfume manufacturing factory in a 40ft container:

  • Our innovative “Fragrance Factory in a Box” opens the door for virtually anyone to manufacture perfumes and fragrances on site, and on demand within the confines of their location(s) anywhere in the world.
  • What this means is that your large batch production and overflow fragrance oil manufacturing capacity can ramp up in days versus months, is more flexible and agile, especially in terms of testing new products and responding quickly to pandemics or changing consumer demands.
  •  Our innovative compact factory fits perfectly in a 40 foot shipping container.
  • “This fragrance factory in box give you the flexibility in your supply chain that you’ve never had.
  • We are creating a future where there is not just one big production line in a huge building, but a truly dynamic model with thousands of local production lines around the world.

We are currently working on a Remote Control Nanofactory, meaning it can be programmed and controlled remotely so stay tuned for more innovations.

Perfume Manufacturer Near Me -Onsite Micro Fragrance Factory innosol, inc.

Perfume Manufacturer Near Me -Onsite Micro Fragrance Factory innosol, inc.

This fragrance micro factory is the ideal way to enter fragrance manufacturing. Whether you want to start small or mass produce a few key fragrances on site, this is an ideal way to strengthen & ignite your bottom line.

The ability to scale up or scale down while responding to market conditions makes this the ideal solution for all who want to take control over all aspects of their product line.

We create a fully functioning, micro manufacturing facility for you. When we’re done, your micro facility will contain everything you need to compound a batch, starting with inputting raw materials, to blending, to packaging & labeling.

Manufacturing Fragrance Oils on-site has never been easier

Our micro factory is designed for minimal personnel. We make it easy enough for just about any employee to weigh ingredients, blend, and package. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with full automation, where one touch of a button produces a batch from start to finish.

In the name of sustainability, transparency, and reducing the overall carbon footprint, we see a bright future with our dynamic model, allowing thousands of companies to manufacture small batches on site, making minor changes on demand, and creating new and unique fragrances.

About Us:

Innosol, Inc., America’s leading flavor and fragrance company, today announced it is licensing micro factories in 2022. This is further proof of Innosol’s commitment to leverage growth potential for small to mid sized manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Designed to deliver a superior level of flavor and fragrance solutions, these new micro facilities will enable Innosol and it’s partners to meet growing demand from customers in the personal care, candle, industrial, and food and beverage segments.

Innosol’s Chief Executive Officer, Jody Soileau said: “We are delighted to open world-class fragrance & flavor micro manufacturing facilities around the world. This is just one more example of our long-term commitment to expand fragrance manufacturing, the know-how, process & procedures to all with a strategic focus on the high growth markets of Asia/Pacific.

Our new micro facilities will enable Innosol to collaborate even more closely with our customers to deliver unique on-site solutions and great aroma experiences to many diverse and dynamic markets around the world. ”

“Over the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in mergers and acquisitions, and independent perfume manufacturers are disappearing. This leaves small to mid sized manufacturers at a disadvantage. Given this rapid transformation, we are offering our micro-factories, a proven solution, to address the needs of these markets and clientele.”

What is a Fragrance Micro-Factory?

A Microfactory is a small-to-medium scale, manual or automated, and technologically advanced manufacturing setup, which has a wide range of process capabilities. Typically, it is a manufacturing facility whose output can be scaled up by replicating such setups in large numbers. A Microfactory requires less energy, less material, and a small labor force.

Energy Hogs: Can The World’s Monster Fragrance Manufacturing Centers Be Less Polluting?

Monster facilities are a sign of the past, we proudly introduce fragrance micro-factories.

The gigantic fragrance manufacturing centers that provide fragrance oil to many leading CPG’s around the world requires shipments via ships, trains, trucks, and delivery vehicles from hundreds to thousands of miles, which further pollutes the environment. To change that, CPG’s consumer packaged goods manufacturing companies need to turn to micro-factories using in country resources, which dramatically reduces their carbon footprint. When in-country sustainability, transportation pollution, and your overall carbon footprint matter, choose Innosol’s fragrance micro-factories.

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