(250) Fragrance Formulas to start your own Industrial Fragrance Manufacturing Business

$100,000.00 $49,975.00

50% Discount – But you must act now!

Start your own Fragrance Manufacturing Business with our proven formulas. Choose any fragrances you like from our formulary which contains over 20,000 of the most sought after perfumes & colognes in the world, plus candles, cleaning products, hair care, detergent, as well as industrial scents.

This offer includes: 250 Fragrance Formulas from our premium or industrial formulary + our How to Manufacture Fragrances – Step by StepTM guide highlighting everything you will need to know to start blending your own line of fragrances.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own fragrance manufacturing business, don’t miss this opportunity! We are running this 50% discount from November 18 – December 14th, after that, our regular price goes back into effect.



We’re here to help you start a lucrative fragrance manufacturing business with proven fragrances & minimal investment.

  • Margins: 60% +
  • Competitors: Few
  • Additional Fees /Royalties: No
  • Sales Area: No restrictions: You can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world

We believe this opportunity will change your life and change the way you think about fragrances and perfumes. If you’re like us, you always wanted to start your own business… but the idea of borrowing money from friends, family, or banks is just not appealing.  However, with our offer, we will put you in the fragrance business regardless of your budget and show you there is hope out there and you can start a business on a tight budget.

First off, there is really never a great time to start a business. There are always a thousand reasons you can think of why it’s not a good time. I’m short on money, I don’t have time, I’m not a salesman, I have no clue. However, by purchasing these proven formulas, you’ve taken a step in the right direction and will save youself years of wasted time and effort.

I’ll leave you with one final thought.
I’m here to tell you, people who are not afraid to bet everything they have on themselves to help make a better life for them and their family will inevitably change the world, I’m a believer.

This offer also includes our Book: How to Manufacture Fragrances – Step by StepTM

  • Innosol, Inc. – Company Overview
  • Fragrance Offering: Which fragrances should you make first?
    (formulas designed to give a big offering using the same raw materials)
  • Where to buy chemicals? How much should you pay per lb?
  • Need CAS# to ensure you are procuring the right chemical (don’t get this with demo formulas)
  • Equipment Required
    *Manufacturing Equipment – scales, drum dollies, bung wrenches, blending
    *Testing Equipment – Ensure only quality chemicals are used.
    *Samples Batch Storage *Quality Control Testing
  • How to mix fragrances – Blending Guide – sample prep
  • How to keep track of inventory: Inventory Management Spreadsheet
  • Package Label Ship Invoice

We’re here to help you so please call us with any additional questions you may have at 281-859-4428.


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