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Free Information – We are Innosol, Inc. For nearly 20 years, we’ve created one of a kind perfumes for up and coming celebrities, executives, and businesses looking to create a brand around their very own perfume. We custom created over 20,000 perfumes and colognes and would like to open our formulary and share our years of research & development with you.

We also license our 20,000 fragrance and flavor formulary to independent perfumers and select companies to make creative perfumery & perfume manufacturing available to a much wider audience.  We provide formulas, access to information, materials id, and techniques that until today were only available if you purchased a fragrance company.
Our formulas include the best selling household & personal care products, Axe, Dial, Dove, Tide, Gain, Febreze & many recipes including famous perfumes, Tom Ford, Chanel, Paco Rabanne, Hermes, Burberry, Dior, etc,

Perfume Manufacturing Startup Package

With our Perfume Startup Package, you will receive 250 formulas including best sellers, primary fragrance list, all natural, and Perfumes and Colognes. I’ve listed a few formulas we’ve included in this package below.

Baby Powder Fragrance Best Sellers – Initial Product Offering
Clean and Fresh Fragrance Best Sellers – Initial Product Offering
Fruity Bubble Gum Fragrance Best Sellers – Initial Product Offering
Acacia Primary Fragrance List
Allspice Primary Fragrance List
Amber Primary Fragrance List
Apple Blossom Primary Fragrance List
Bergamot Lavender & Mandarin (All Natural) All Natural
Bergamot Lavender & Spearmint (All Natural) All Natural
Eucalyptus Peppermint All Natural All Natural
Acqua Di Gio Women Type Perfume & Cologne
Chanel #5  Type Perfume & Cologne
Coco Chanel Madamoiselle Type Perfume & Cologne
Vera Wang WomensType Perfume & Cologne
If you’ve ever wanted to blend perfumes in your own facility and ship globally, don’t miss this opportunity! We are running this 50% discount from May 5th – July 5th, 2020 after that, our regular price goes back into effect.

Working together, we will help build your product so your name, perfume, and ultimately brand will be forever trusted and remembered.

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(INFRIN) & We Love Fragrances!


Manufacturing perfumes is easy with the right partner!

  We’re a partner you can trust to help create that perfect scent. Working together, we will help build your product line so your name, perfume, and ultimately brand will be forever trusted and remembered.

algorityms and perfumery

algorityms and perfumery


We use Predictive Analytics to create new yet familiar scents: In other words, we stack the deck in your favor. We use global sales numbers identifying best sellers, customer ratings, and our perfumers tweak the scent to ensure the fragrance will be familiar but different & loved by all.

Using our 20,000 fragrance formulas and predictive analytics…allows us to formulate new scents, that historically, the masses have loved as it gives you “that sense of the familiar, with a hint of amazing” leaving you with a burning desire to find out why you love it so much. While it keeps you wondering, the only thing you know for sure is that you must have it!


All of our formulations are stable. Meaning “ NO Separation.

ENCAPSULATION: The majority of our fragrances used in products are encapsulated. Encapsulation offers control of deposition and release profiles. These capsules used in our laundry perfume release their payloads when ruptured by movement or rubbing which releases the perfume. This one process typically adds a 5-10 fold improvement in  scent retention & long-lasting fragrance benefits. Our Laundry Perfumes can still be perceived several days and even a few months after washing.

We Stop Malodor: Sweaty workout clothes are no problem when you use Innosol’s odor control formulations.

We also offer Turnkey Product Manufacturing using



We have the ability to manufacture private label perfumes, lotions, laundry detergent, etc. in an efficient and effective manner.

From concept to retail sales, we blend the strongest fragrances into the highest quality products in bulk, all made right here in Houston, TX USA. From perfumes to lotions, to laundry detergent, we’ve done it all.

Just give us a call and we will create your very own personalized perfume proposal.  We’re a partner you can trust to help create that perfect scent. Working together, we will help build your brand so your name, perfume, and ultimately brand will be forever trusted and remembered.

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