Shocked into action: “Consumers no longer want to think of polluted products as normal.” Fragrance Ingredients not so transparent.

Shocked -Fragrances are Toxic

Some well known brands now disclose fragrance ingredients between 0.02% – 0.01% of a product’s formulation. Sounds good right?  Well… Maybe Not!  Fragrances are made up of many ingredients at micro levels, and many commercial products use .05% or less fragrance oil in their product, so are you still confident that all ingredients in the products you love are safe?

We have a better idea for new product launches.  Choose AromaTune & Create your own fragrance formulas using food grade and sustainable ingredients you know are safe.

I’d like to introduce you to Innosol Fragrances and our software package, Aroma-tune. We are licensing our 22 years of intellectual property and trade secrets and can show you the actual ingredients in over 30,000 of today’s top brands.

The analytics side of our software package may be of great interest. You can see and analyze the raw material ingredients and the usage of these chemicals in many global brands. Please contact us if you’d have an interest in our software and intellectual property.

You have a Choice.

• You can spend the next 22 years deformulating, creating, & testing fragrances in house.

• You can purchase a Fragrance & Flavor Company for $10 to $20 Millions of dollars.

• You can purchase Innosol’s formulations & our Aroma-Tune software to see over 30,000 fragrance formulas in todays top brand at discounted rates.

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