Shout-out to all start-ups looking to start manufacturing fragrances

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I’d like to give a Shout-out to all start-ups, entrepreneurs, & small businesses looking to start manufacturing fragrances.

Whether you’re starting up, scaling to meet demand, or creating sustainable products via R&D, collaborating with Innosol Fragrances and utilizing our formulas, software, ai technology, standardized data, and new ingredient discovery, will help your firm bring better products to market fast with Master-Rights (Ownership-Rights).


We’re often approached by companies that are very interested in manufacturing fragrances as a new business venture, or for use in their products, but they want to start out with small volumes, to see if it’s a good fit, before heavily investing in a full scale manufacturing facility.  They also tell us they would like to use only the essential ingredients necessary and cut out all of the extra chemicals for eco, sustainability, and cost considerations.

We’re approached by other manufacturers that have a desire to ramp up or down quickly to satisfy large project requirements from a recent award, but shipping finished product is now eroding any chance of high margins. They want to discuss manufacturing on or near their customer’s location, use in country resources, have the flexibility to source ingredients globally, gain local content %, and reduce overall shipping charges, while gaining independence from large fragrance houses.

In order to help our customers grow their businesses and control all aspects of manufacturing, we’ve created a mobile, on demand compounding system that we call, Fragrance Factory in a Box. 

Our on-demand fragrance production line that is crafted into a 40 foot shipping container. This is a fully functional manufacturing facility, that starts with raw materials, then weighs, measures, compounds, and packages product for use internally or for sale externally.