The $35 Billion Flavor And Fragrance Industry & Innosol, a Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Many executives we speak with tell a common story. “I’ve worked for 25 years in the chemical & pharmaceutical industries and I have no idea what Innosol, Inc. or other F&F companies do in this space and I don’t even have an idea of what the industry is.” When people learn it’s a bit of art and science combined in one of the most secretive industries on the planet, they are intrigued. In addition, no one knows exactly how F&F products are made; yet they are in virtually everything, even products labeled as unscented, contain a masking fragrance.

When we mention that large manufacturers don’t own the fragrances used in their brands –We & other F&F Houses own the formulas. Many are shocked. For example, any time you walk into a market, mall, or duty free shop, 1 in 5 products you see use fragrance and or flavor technology made by one of only 100 companies in the USA. We invent molecules to protect our formulations, and we created one of the cleanest and strongest platforms for machine learning.

The most fun aspect about working for Innosol is basically talking to researchers and firms about new products, and asking what can we do, what can we invent, and how can our fragrance & flavor database for machine learning crack the boundaries of science, as we know it.

Everything we do here is based on data and facts. At Innosol, research and development plays an important role, we study every aspect of sustainability and E.S.G. and are involved in cancer research.

We encourage you to contact us and strongly believe that by working together we can position your firm for success, because we have literally all the ingredients to be successful.


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