When contract labs & gcms reports fall short, rely on Perfumer Perfected Fragrance Formulas from Innosol

Innosolinc.com Perfumer Perfected Formulas for Sale

When it comes to fragrance formulas, most of us don’t want to deal with any headaches. We want formulas that are perfumer perfected, using the best ingredients, quality tested, & proven to perform in multiple product types. The ingredients should be the best sustainable ingredients and be carefully chosen from a standardized list. They should also be strong & fit for purpose, easy to source, with a list of contacts, and estimated pricing per pound. Each ingredient should list the aroma characteristics and hundreds of other metrics such as substantivity and evaporation rates. These fragrance oils should also be used in products and global brands and pass customer acceptance testing. This is what our customers expect when they purchase Innosol fragrance formulas. Formulas of this caliber with the highest quality standards can only come from a Fragrance & Flavor Manufacturer.

Contract Labs on the other hand provide low cost GC/MS reports listing hundreds of ingredients, unconsolidated, and in no particular order. Our customers advise GC/MS reports lose their luster once they realize the time commitment trying to make sense of the data.

If you would like to know more about our process and how our formulary was created, please see below and take special note of the dialog and acceptance between customer and our fragrance house. We start the fragrance creation process once we receive a Product Brief from a manufacturer or CPG.


Large Consumer Product Manufacturers (CPG) utilize

Product Brief’s for their new Product Launches.

The Flow chart of it all:



Company-X Plans to Launch a Product

  • For Example: A New Body Wash that needs a unique fragrance.


Company-X drafts a Fragrance Brief

  • It is sent to Innosol, Inc. Fragrances & Flavors as well as other fragrance houses.


On the receipt of the Brief, Innosol’s Perfumer

  • Initiates the process to develop the required fragrance
  • The banned ingredient list is thoroughly reviewed. Innosol’s bestseller lists are combed through for a quick match as well as other formulas in our formulary.


Samples are created using varied ingredients to develop different versions of the fragrance.

  • Typically 1-10 versions are made to develop one required fragrance.



  • If briefs are sent to more than one fragrance house, Company-X evaluates all samples.


  • Shortlist only one sample of Fragrance oil for its upcoming product launch.
  • And advise of minor tweaks, if required.


Required modifications are made by Innosol Fragrances and

  • Supply arrangements with Company-X get established.