Where can I buy perfume formulas?

Is there any place or person that sells perfume formulas? Where can I buy perfume formulas?

Innosol Perfume formula
This page shows an actual perfume formula listing the chemical composition and odor characteristics.

We are Innosol, Inc & we sell perfume formulas. We are the only perfume house that sells scalable, production ready, perfumer perfected, manufacturing formulas, today. 

Perfume Formulas –Frequently asked questions


On August 1, 2020, we began licensing our fragrance and flavor formulas at discounted perfumer rates.

It’s taken us 20 years to create, deformulate, perfect, & mfg. over 20,000 fragrances and flavors. Our proven formulas were purchased & used in production for many years by some of the largest perfume, cosmetic, candle and personal care companies around the world.

If you would consider purchasing formulas at discounted rates from a Fragrance & Flavor manufacturer in the US with 20 years of hard work & experience, we want to hear from you. We are Innosol, Inc. and we are committed to building a foundation of safety, renewability, low carbon, loyalty and transparency, so that you can expand your offering, sell into new markets, and systematically expand sales, please contact us today.

perfume formulas
Perfume formulas

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are you selling?

Beginning August 1, 2020, we began selling our fragrance and flavor formulas to independent perfumers, fragrance enthusiasts, & fragrance & flavor raw material manufacturers at discounted perfumer rates.

How much are your formulas? Please call for pricing.

(1) General Fragrance Formula  Ex. Leather, Bergamot Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Tuberose, Lavender

(1)  Brand Name Formula    Ex. Tide type, Gain type, Febreze type

(1)  Perfume or Candle Formula  Ex. Tom Ford F-Fabulous & Oud Wood type, Chanel–Coco & Coromandel type,  MFK –Baccarat Rouge type, Yankee Candle –Macintosh & Christmas Cookie

Can you identify formulas that use specific chemicals in your formulary?

Yes, we can – in seconds!

For example: If you are searching for unique formulas that contain Orange oil/terpenes: 3,865, or Patchouli: 1,285, or Sandalwood: 385, or contain the notes of grapefruit: >1,000.

How many proven formulas do you have in your formulary?

We have over 20,000 proven perfume formulas that are production ready and are currently for sale. We have close to 50,000 fragrance & perfume formulas in house that we created over the years but many are covered under a NDA, and are not available for purchase.

For example: We have:

Candle Formulas (>3500), Standard F&F House Formulas (>15,000), Perfume Formulas (>1000).

Expansion into new markets:

We strongly believe our Innosol formulas will provide the pathway for your companies ultimate expansion into new targeted markets i.e.: candle market (Yankee & Trapp), brand name cleaning products (Febreze, Dove, Zest), fine fragrances, (Tom Ford & Chanel), etc. We also believe an agreement will take your company to the next level in household, health, personal care, and agronomy products with our 20K fragrance & flavor, 5K cosmetic-personal care formulas as well as food and beverage flavors.

Do you sell the oil to us? Is that what you mean about licensing?

No, we sell you the actual production formula listing the chemical name, CAS number, percentage, price, etc.

Do we have to purchase raw materials from you?

No, you are free to purchase raw materials wherever you get the best value.

Can we manufacture these oils using the Innosol F&F License in our facility? What if we have several locations around the world?  Yes, you are free to manufacture as much perfume oil as you wish, in any location you choose around the world.

You have a Choice!

•You can spend the next 20 years deformulating, creating, & testing fragrances in house.

•You can purchase a Fragrance & Flavor Company for $10 to $20 Millions of dollars.

OR, you can purchase Innosol’s formulations at perfumer rates and start making money today.

Does Innosol own all rights to the formulas or does a third party own them? 

Innosol, Inc. owns all rights to all formulas. Each formula is an Innosol Trade Secret, protected by our license, intellectual property & copyright  “©” and cannot be sold or shared with others without expressed written consent from Innosol, Inc.

Who can I sell to with the Innosol License?

Licensees’ would have the right to market, commercialize and sell fragrance oils to all prospects in any location, anywhere in the world. The licensee however does not have the right to sell any Innosol formula or compete with Innosol, Inc. in any way.

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