Experience The Aroma-Tune App and our 22 years of fragrance creative work. Explore over 30,000 formulas, discover the carefully chosen ingredients that create a global fragrance, enhance your existing formulas, select & substitute chemicals of your choice, go green tutorials and take on chemically creative challenges.

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    Our Fragrance Creation App enables you to visually control chemical attributes in real time – such as create, replace, or optimize individual notes or the entire formula while seeing strength, duration, cost, ingredients, odors, and measure with accuracy how each change impacts the formula. Advanced metrics such as cohesive energy, molecular volume, Vapor-Pressure-Evaporation, and solubility are all at your fingertips.

    • Target-driven recipe development with real-time analysis of costs, ingredients, and compliance
    • Simplified process for F&F creation, evaluation, and optimization.
    • 30,000 Proven Fragrance & Flavor Formulas.
    • Raw material database with odor, synonyms, suppliers, etc.
    • Visual display of solubility, evaporation, performance & odor characteristics.
    • Relative odor strength and life of materials.
    • Performance/stability in common applications.
    • Real time costing of compounds.
    • Create & compound formulas in-house.

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