Experience The Aroma-Tune App and our 22 years of fragrance creative work. Explore over 30,000 formulas, discover the carefully chosen ingredients that create a global fragrance, enhance your existing formulas, select & substitute chemicals of your choice, go green tutorials and take on chemically creative challenges.

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    Our Fragrance Creation App enables you to visually control chemical attributes in real time – such as create, replace, or optimize individual notes or the entire formula while seeing strength, duration, cost, ingredients, odors, and measure with accuracy how each change impacts the formula. Advanced metrics such as cohesive energy, molecular volume, Vapor-Pressure-Evaporation, and solubility are all at your fingertips.

    • Target-driven recipe development with real-time analysis of costs, ingredients, and compliance
    • Simplified process for F&F creation, evaluation, and optimization.
    • 30,000 Proven Fragrance & Flavor Formulas.
    • Raw material database with odor, synonyms, suppliers, etc.
    • Visual display of solubility, evaporation, performance & odor characteristics.
    • Relative odor strength and life of materials.
    • Performance/stability in common applications.
    • Real time costing of compounds.
    • Create & compound formulas in-house.

    Disclaimer:  Please note the material located on this page and our site is for informational purposes only. Prior to any purchase, a NDA must be agreed to and signed by both parties, and a licensing agreement must also be signed by both parties. We also require a bank wire to clear before any intellectual property is licensed and provided to client.

    You are reviewing our our Aroma-Tune® software, our fragrance formulary (30,000) top perfumes, global brands, candles, & pharma formulas, & ingredient toolbox

    (Corporate Per-Seat Licenses available)

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    Visualize & Slice fragrance formulas with the power of Aroma-Tune® scent technology. Stunning visual displays with real time costing, odor strength, solubility, evaporation & stability. One platform to see all ingredients, twist proven formulas for guaranteed success, improve, re-create & manufacture on demand.

    The most exciting aspect of licensing our 30,000 fragrance formulas is the ability to visualize best selling fragrance formulas from around the world, their composition, percentages, patterns, and all ingredients, graphically and in real time. This is the disruptive R&D tool you’ve been searching for. Owning the formulas allows your firm to hedge against shortages and control one of the top level expenses in your overall product costs.
    Some R&D professionals use our database to create new fragrances using patterns found in best selling perfumes as a guide.

    A wealth of information is now available at your fingertips:

    • A scent graph or graphic representation of the scent.
    • Top, middle, and base notes are identified and graphed.
    • Odor characteristics of each raw material.
    • The ability to identify accords in common.
    • The ability to create new fragrances using historical formulations as a guide.
    • We also provide guidance to create new fragrances via Ai.

    The Data package:

    • Over 30,000 Fragrance formulas with 100% data standardization, using ~1,000 ingredients.
    • Over (450) data points per ingredient, per formula, including solubility & evaporation rates.
    • Only (1) File to upload for a seamless Store & Sync into your system.
    • Plus (+) 10 columns of aroma descriptions per ingredient, from 10 different perfumers.
    • Plus our Accord Database: with over 250 proven “Hooks”.

    How can our Fragrance & Flavor Formulas help your R&D Team?

    •  Study patterns of the best selling global perfumes, fragrances, CPG brands, personal care, etc. per geographic area.
    •  R&D Chemists now have access to formulas to study without the risk of releasing in-house formulations.
    •  In-House R&D can study techniques and see how perfumers create formulations to develop and widen their own skills.
    •  Learn industry trade secrets, Ex: 75% of all new CPG fragrances have similar DNA to the most popular perfumes.
    •  CPG’s, Empowering (Management, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, R&D, etc.) to control this commodity.
    •  Production formulas showing all ingredients & percentages in Best Selling American Perfumes & Brands.
    •  All users can learn from our production formulas and build upon them to create originals.

    Aroma-Tune® provides actual ingredients by percentage in 30,000 top perfumes, global brands, candles, & pharma. Our thoughts on transparency, In 2004, we were the 1st F&F House to publish a production formula in Happi Magazine:Happi Magazine Article

    Whether you’re starting up, scaling to meet demand, or creating sustainable products via R&D, collaborating with Innosol Fragrances and utilizing our formulas, software, ai technology, standardized data, and new ingredient discovery, will help your firm bring better products to market fast with Master-Rights (Ownership-Rights).

     See below just a few of the global fragrance formulas for sale.


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    Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ’s)

    How can Aroma-Tune® help our R&D Efforts?

    Blurring the lines between Chemistry, Engineering & Technology. The creation of perfume is both an art and a science. Aroma-Tune merges art & science with engineering & technology. Our team of software engineers and technical experts convert, standardize, and index all data into one uniform file. This allows for algorithms to sift through thousands of formulas and thousands of ingredients, helping identify patterns and novel combinations.

    • Suggested min/max dosing for ingredients based on geographic patterns reduce costs.
    • Helps standardize on sustainable ingredients across all fragrance formulas.
    • Assists with ingredient reduction efforts and overall inventory sourcing and reduction.
    • Reduces fragrance sku’s. Fragrances with similar DNA’s are identified, eliminated and replaced by a master fragrance. Ex: Coconut-Pineapple, Coconut, and Tropical.

    Our fragrance formulary & ingredient toolbox serve as your new  innovation engine, strengthening your R&D strategy and equipping all brands for today’s fast-moving world.  Global Brands, Perfumes, Personal Care, Candle formulas are all available on-demand and at your fingertips.

    Our customers also use our formulary to:

    • Closely Identify Notes/Accords for each market segment;
    • Provide data rich and more detailed market briefs.
    • Design fragrances In-house; Continue manufacturing through a 3rd. party with the ability to manufacture in house.

    What do our customers have to say about Aroma-Tune®?

    • “The first truly Disruptive Technology that is shaking up Global Brands.”
    • “It’s revolutionary.”
    • “R&D chemists will now have complete fragrance formula transparency and can 
get involved, and get their hands dirty.”
    • “Hands on experiential learning.”
    • “Our promise has always been to give customers the information they need to 
choose the right products for them. We’ve never been able to provide frag. info.”
    • “Great way to learn fragrance creation techniques, by seeing.”
    • “We will now have control over how our new fragrances are designed.”
    • “Great tool to teach people about fragrance ingredients.”
    • “Searching GCMS data listing thousands of real fragrances & national brands, in 
seconds is priceless.”
    • “This is the one tool you need to help guide you down this path to disclose all fragrance ingredients.”

    Our views on transparency & Happi Magazine.

    Why should I have confidence in Innosol or Innosol’s 30,000 formulas & ingredients?

    • Our formulations provide the strongest, oil based perfumes, using food grade ingredients, when possible. We believe better, safer, and more eco-friendly ingredients can be found and employed, and this has always been our passion.We believe everyone should have the right to see all chemicals in the products they buy, including all fragrance chemicals.

    Please sum up Innosol’s fragrance & flavor formulary in just a few words?

    • Cost Savings, Freedom, Teaching Tool, View competitors formulas
      • View the chemical composition of every note, scent & accord imaginable in seconds
      • How to manufacture on site & on demand & Where to purchase, weigh raw materials, compound, package, & ship
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Predict an accord across many formulas for standardization & real time scent visualization

    Please sum up Innosol’s formulary of 30,000 fragrance & flavor formulas in 1 sentence. In essence, it’s like buying  a fragrance manufacturer with 22 years of formulations, R&D, and manufacturing know how, for a fraction of the price.

    What can Innosol’s formulary do to help all of our employees get a better understanding of fragrances and allow us all to work together? Breaking down walls between all company divisions. Our 30,000 formulas are written in both technical and layman terms, provided in an Excel format (no special software required) to allow all departments to clearly understand the data and metrics and benefit from using our system. The ability to create graphs, pivot tables, statistical analysis, are all at your fingertips for 30,000 formulas.

    Is Innosol’s formulary a static system or can it grow with our company? Our Aroma Tune app is a living-learning tool that grows with your company. We also put business briefs to work for you. If you are looking for a new perfume creation for a certain sex, gender, age group, with fun, modern, timeless, nautical, relaxing… put our database to work.

    “Our Aroma Tune App, fragrance formulary & ingredient toolbox serve as your new  innovation engine, strengthening your R&D strategy and equipping all brands for today’s fast-moving world.

    Please feel free to ask us any question. We will do our best to answer every single one, so let’s connect soon!

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