Houston’s Best Manufacturer of Perfume

Our fragrance compounding division manufactures our perfume formulas or yours and we are America’s most trusted manufacturer of perfume and fragrance oils for strength, safety & igniting perfume sales. We are the leading perfume manufacturer and resource for purchasing a formula for perfume, reverse engineering perfumes, & GCMS.

Innosol, Inc. is America’s most trusted manufacturer of perfume & renowned in Houston as the leader in fragrance manufacturer offering Fine Fragrances & Private label perfumes. We also manufacture perfume for the following industries: Personal care, Home care, Candle Fragrance oils & Pet Care. We are the first fragrance house to provide beginner friendly fragrance creation software, we named, Aroma-Tune.

At Innosol, our world-class perfumers create innovative fragrances for a variety of applications. Our custom fragrances create one of a kind brand identity! All we know is fragrances!!

Innosol, Inc. is a manufacturer of perfume and our aromas are critical to the success of many products such as personal care, home care and fabric care. Our fragrances are created and manufactured with sustainability and transparency in mind and are designed for the body, face, hair, colognes, body mists, and lotion, as well as for the home, candles, soaps, laundry detergents, and various aromas.

We at Innosol believe that communication, intuitive perfume creation and technology push us all forward.


LVMH Opens a Fragrance Manufacturing Facility, Houston's Best Manufacturer of Perfume, innosol, inc.
Innosol, Inc.

We are the perfumers behind national brand products. We are breaking from tradition. Rather than just sell fragrance oils, we work with you to develop or improve your very own product line. In addition, we are the only fragrance manufacturer to provide all fragrance percentages & ingredients so you can provide a responsible product & responsible label.


Our perfumers are located throughout the world, with offices in Houston, Seoul, Barcelona, The U.K., & Colombia and we would love to collaborate with you to develop a new brand. We are one of the only companies that can offer a global perspective with unlimited scalability.

Manufacturing Locally, Shipping Globally


We offer the creative freedom on developing a fragrance that you would not only have the opportunity to personally choose but also brand to compliment.

We’ve created over 30,000 fine perfumes & natural and organic fragrances for stand alone perfume brands, candles, cosmetics, & personal care products. We are truly unique in the industry and are the first to provide unwavering ingredient transparency so you can decide if you are comfortable with all ingredients that are packaged in your cherished brand.


Aroma Tune Software, Innosolinc.com, Houston's Best Manufacturer of Perfume
Aroma Tune Software, Innosolinc.com



We are Innosol, Inc. : Innosol, Inc. Fragrance Manufacturer, R&D, Perfume formula sales

We’re an independently owned, strategic creative lab & think tank – forever curious and ready to transform the way business is done


Our People Come First:

Although we are a well-oiled machine, our people are the fuel that propels us. The talent we cultivate gets the importance of honing their perfuming skills. It helps to better serve both each other and our partners, and it shows in everything – from what we create, formulate, and produce, to what we value and believe.



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What’s in the Box?

It really doesn’t matter. We’re too busy thinking far outside of the constraints. Creativity through Chemistry: it’s what drives us. We do our best work when the training wheels are off and we can run through all of the gears. Our custom formulations are on target, strategies sharper, and the world generally becomes a better place.

We want the world to love & understand your brand as much as you do.



The path toward creating a superior perfume or product starts with complete communication followed by robust data analytics and thoughtful research insights. Our team of chemists & perfumers, strategists and analysts use in-depth user and market research, intuitive information, and historical perfume gross revenues to help lay the groundwork for success.


What do our Customers Have to Say?

“I was searching for a fragrance manufacturer near me, found Innosol on Google, and my perfume sales have never been higher.”

“I just started a micro perfume business using Innosol’s 1000 perfume formulas. It’s incredible.”

“My firm wanted to create product with aromas similar to the fine fragrances of Guerlain Vetiver, Vanilla Lace Victoria Secret, Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace, Gucci Envy for Men, Tom Ford Oud Minerale, Erwin Creed, and Innosol came through for us.”


“I’ve always been interested in fragrance compounding, and was searching for a fragrance manufacturing business for sale but none were available. Licensing Innosol’s fragrance formulary was the next best thing.”

“My 2 favorite scents are Tom Ford Absolute Amber and the scent from a Creed Candle. Innosol combined the two into my most cherished cologne.

“I licensed Innosol’s perfume database to start my manufacturing business and now I’m the proud manufacturer of hundreds of perfumes.”


Perfume Creation

A compelling brand communicates the values, voice, and emotions that you want people to associate with your company. We find every opportunity to convey the most authentic, memorable representation of your brand, with a focus on fluid user experiences using beautiful aromas.


Your Brand Here, Houston's Best Manufacturer of Perfume, We are Innosol, Inc.
Infusing Perfumes into Products


Infusing Perfumes into Products

With a focus on customer engagement, we create immersive brand experiences by infusing your perfumes into products to captivate, compel, and convert any naysayer. It‘s not enough to tell your brand”s story. We help develop olfactory experiences that resonate with the right audiences, at the right place and time.



No matter the solution, the chemistry behind new product launches must be adaptable and grow with the pace of change. Our chemists and perfumers combine new product development with the latest environmentally sound ingredients to build scalable solutions that work for your customers and ultimately grow your brand.


To sum it all up

We are a collaboration of perfumers, chemists, and artists working together to create the most sought after fragrances in the world. Our team works with trendsetters that range from professions in fashion and the arts, to musicians who prefer their own notes, sports icons with excellent brand integrity, events and entertainment influencers, and business development leaders. When it comes to making a statement, we help you do it without saying a word…

Please feel free to ask us any question as this industry is shrouded in secrecy. Feel free to send us a direct message, leave a comment, or ask Jody, our president a question. We will do our best to answer every single one, so let’s connect soon!



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We are the Proud Creators of Aroma-Tune