If you’ve smelled any candle, perfume, or personal care product from the last twenty years or so, there’s a high chance you’ll have encountered Aromatune in one form or another. But what actually is it? Is it only used to fix weak fragrance oils? And how did it come about in the first place?

What is Aromatune?

Aromatune was created in 1998 by Jimmy Soileau & his son Jody. Jimmy was a Drilling Fluids Engineer exploring new “safer” chemicals for use downhole to allow Exploration companies to dig deeper wells. Jody was writing software and building hardware for a corrosion engineering firm and the two created the first program to catalog chemicals and benchmark their performance at depth & pressure. Seeing graphically the impact of each ingredient was a game changer and led to breakthroughs and the formation of Innosol, Inc., in 2000. Jody, a few years later, started Innosol’s Fragrance Division using this ingredient technology database to benchmark ingredients. Being able to prove the strength of a fragrance using data, was thought to be a game changer, however, it was not taken seriously at large CPG’s, consumer product goods companies. Research & Development firms, however, embraced this technology as a way to learn more about this most secretive business and for fragrance transparency.

The word Aroma-Tune is the product name of the software owned by Jimmy & Joe’s company, Innosol, Inc. But what actually is it?

Aroma-Tune®, is data processing software to view, measure and tune individual notes – A database containing 30,000 global brands, personal care, candle, pharma, and perfume formulas is also included in this package.

It’s used to smooth out strong and weak notes to ensure the fragrance oil is correctly balanced per user settings. Users can make a fragrance weaker if its overwhelming or stronger if it needs more throw, in just 1 click. Once you’ve selected a formula that you want to use, the software will scan the formula and show you a visual representation of all notes. It picks out notes that don’t fit the scale and moves them back into line at the right percentage. Aromatune also allows users to mix two fragrances together with ease. This allows users to create any combination of scents housed in their database of 30K.

AromaTune Slice, Innosolinc.com
AromaTune Slice, Innosolinc.com

Where is Aromatune used?

Fast forward to today and it is being adopted as must have software by many R&D firms, along with perfumers, and independents looking to start a fragrance oil manufacturing business. With the industry being shrouded in secrecy, no company will willingly admit to using AromaTune, as their creations are perceived as masterpieces created from years of experience that no software can recreate.

The Aromatune software can be purchased through the Innosol, Inc. website after speaking with sales. With over 500 licensees, it’s used by many firms, however, mentioning the name, Aroma-Tune is usually frowned upon. As if the idea of creating new fragrance from old takes away some of the mystery and mystique of fragrances.

This technological innovation is changing modern perfumery and the way that large corporations and CPG’s craft new fragrance oils. Many of the new fragrance combinations utilize it in some way.

Research & Development Aroma Tune
Research & Development Aroma Tune

Aromatune Examples

One of the first examples of Aromatune and its power was the realization of how the formula for Chanel has influenced modern products. The DNA in Chanel perfumes permeates throughout the personal care product realm, and the sequencing was shown to be in varying degrees in hundreds of products today.

Critical Reception

However, it wasn’t well received by everyone. The large fragrance houses will never provide ingredient transparency. Some said it would ruin the perfume industry. Others claimed showing ingredients was cheating – helping companies modify great perfumes and rebrand a different version of it, was not fair play.

It’s time to pick a Side

Will you fight to keep fragrance ingredients hidden from the public or will you choose Innosol’s Aroma-Tune & Fragrance Transparency?

Aroma-Tune Fragrance Graph2 innosolinc.com
Aroma-Tune Fragrance Graph2 innosolinc.com

There’s also a practical argument in favour of aromatune – especially if you’re not a professional chemist or perfumer. For example, you may have a candle manufacturing business and can’t stand all of the fragrance house price increases, shipping delays, or weak formulas. Or, you are currently purchasing fragrance oils from a large F&F Manufacturer, but the oils are not performing well, and you keep telling your the fragrance house and it falls on deaf ears. Or, the fragrance oil used in your highest grossing candle or brand has been discontinued without notice. This is where aroma-tune comes into its own. You have 30,000 fragrance formulas to choose from to get that best seller.

How do you use Aromatune?

The first thing to consider when using aromatune is that the majority use it as a learning tool, to study and see first hand how real fragrance formulas are created. The next thing to consider is that our 30,000 fragrance formulas are perfectly balanced, so you should only use it on formulas that need to be stronger, or weaker, or more balanced.

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to using aromatune. The first is to use it as a learning tool and to find out how fragrance formulas are created. Once you see the formulas, the percentages, and where to buy ingredients, most start to manufacture oils in-house.

The other way is more subtle, using it in a more transparent manner to fix any rogue formulas in your current manufacturing process.

30000 fragrance formula in your pocket innosolinc.com
30000 fragrance formula in your pocket innosolinc.com

In Summary

Many are using our 30,000 fragrance and flavor formulas to their advantage. You can now take a front seat to learn & understand how fragrance oils are developed, and use our formulas as written or create new sustainable variations on your own.

Aroma-Tune®, is a data processor that uses our proprietary software to view, measure and tune individual notes. Our slicers allow you to Visualize graphically fragrance notes in real time. Study ingredient composition, percentages, and patterns, slice-by-slice for 30,000 global brands, personal care, candle, pharma, and perfume formulas.

You can now Visualize & Slice fragrance formulas with the power of Aroma-Tune® scent technology

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