If you’ve smelled any candle, perfume, or personal care product in the last twenty years, you’ve likely encountered AromaTune. But what actually is it? And how did it come about in the first place?

The Fragrance Industry is So Obsessed With Secrets…We’ll that was before Aroma-Tune

With so many deceptive practices and hidden truths behind the word “perfume”, we decided to create Aroma-Tune so we could list all ingredients & percentages. We don’t hide behind the word “fragrance”.  Our AI Aroma-Tune Perfume Generator App shows you all ingredients and lets you decide if you want them in your perfume, and on your skin.

Aroma-Tune, Innosol’s AI Fragrance Creator, Perfume Formulas

Aroma-Tune, Innosol’s AI Fragrance Creator

What is Aromatune?

The architecture or software for what would later be known as Aromatune.ai  was created in 1998 by James & Jody Soileau. The early versions of the software cataloged ingredients used in the renewable energy sector and provided a benchmark for performance at depth and pressure.  We  utilized this technology to graphically visualize and study clean & sustainable ingredients in real time. We next modified the algorithms to include and benchmark fragrance & flavor ingredients, and later incorporated ai for perfume creation.

Aroma-Tune, an innovative, AI driven perfume formula generating app that transforms your ideas into a signature fragrance merely by talking to the app or typing your unique ideas and the algorithm does the rest. Real Fragrance Production Formulas are ai generated in just a few seconds. The app is equivalent to having a team of expert perfumers in the room with you, listening and understanding to every word. Our foundation is solid as our app uses our 23 years of perfume formulation expertise to create a perfume that perfectly matches your requirements and is ai optimized that statistically will be loved by all.

By using AI to study patterns in extremely large data chunks, users are able to capture all of their beloved emotions just by saying a few heartfelt words… think of the possibilities.

AromaTune prompt engineering a perfume is now a reality innosolinc

AromaTune prompt engineering a perfume is now a reality innosolinc

Aroma-Tune® is the product name of the software created by the Soileau’s for Innosol, Inc. But what actually is it?

Aroma-Tune is more than a simple ai perfume generating app using prompt engineering, Aroma-Tune® (1.0) is data processing software used to create, view, measure and tune individual notes and it enables firms to optimize fragrances & flavors to influence consumer preferences. Aroma-Tune is more than a simple ai perfume generating app using prompt engineering,


Aroma-Tune® (2.0) AI Fragrance & Flavor Formula Generator

Ai creates unique, engaging and high-quality formulas using our Perfumer-less system: for perfumes or candles to digitized formulations in seconds.

Aroma-Tune helps all aspiring perfume makers, Create. Aroma-Tune is more than a simple ai perfume generating app using prompt engineering, it was created with a deep understanding of how the fragrance industry really works, starting with a brief, story, or experience. Understanding the demographic, location, odor qualities, emotions, marketing, historic sales, ingredient patterns, etc. It decides which ingredients to choose by location and at what time of year, chemistry, solubility, organoleptics, and stability. Using IFRA standards, Tox., and Medical data to study how the perfume reacts to skin, and suggesting alternative combinations. We’ve spent years digitizing formulas, most from paper, and teaching the algorithm step by step how our perfumers decide which ingredients to use.

Where is Aromatune used?

Aroma-Tune is being adopted as the must have software by many R&D firms, along with perfumers, and independents.

The Aromatune software can be purchased through the Innosol, Inc. website after speaking with sales. This technological innovation is changing modern perfumery and the way that large corporations and CPG’s craft new fragrance oils. Many of the new fragrance combinations utilize it in some way.


Biodegradable and Sustainable, Aroma-Tune

Biodegradable and Sustainable, Aroma-Tune




How is Aroma-tune used?

  • Creation Tool: Easily create formulas using prompt-engineering.
  • Communication tool: Easily Communicate the scent and flavor profiles of products to consumers.
  • Learning tool: Learn how fragrance production formulas are created.
  • In-House Customization tool: Let our software fix rogue formulas within your library.
  • Manufacturing tool: Aroma-Tune, when paired with our $5,000 dosing machine, will put you on the path to fragrance freedom.





Aroma-Tune Fragrance Graph2 innosolinc.com
Aroma-Tune Fragrance Graph2 innosolinc.com




Please tell me more!

The first thing to consider when using Aroma-Tune is that the majority use it as a a communication tool, to communicate the scent and flavor profile of their products to consumers, thereby building trust and engagement with their brands. It is also a great learning tool. Our customers are excited to study and see first hand how real fragrance formulas are created.

Once our customers create real fragrance production formulas, visualize the percentages, and where to buy ingredients, most start to manufacture oils in-house and fix rogue formulas within their library.




In Summary

Aroma-Tune software allows everyone the opportunity to design fragrances that resonate with individual preferences while also embracing sustainability by utilizing the power of AI algorithms. Looking ahead, the possibilities for AI-powered fragrance creation are virtually unlimited, delivering ever more individualized and unique scent experiences.

AromaTune®, is a data processor that uses our proprietary software to create,  view, measure and tune individual notes. Our slicers allow you to Visualize graphically fragrance notes in real time. Study ingredient composition, percentages, and patterns, slice-by-slice for aroma formulas that can be used in global brands, personal care, candle, pharma, and perfumes.



Let us show you first hand how to Create, Visualize & Slice fragrance formulas with the power of Aroma-Tune® scent technology


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