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We are Innosol, Inc. and we create custom perfumes and colognes.  We collaborate with trendsetters in fashion and the arts, with an unparalleled list of clientele that are artists, as well as global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, and business.

Our R&D chemists and perfumers specialize in creating unforgettable fragrances that capture the passion and dreams of customers worldwide. Formed in 2000, Innosol, Inc. is the first turnkey perfume and personal care manufacturer in the world to create perfumes & colognes as a signature brand. We didn’t stop there… we next created the most alluring personal care products using the branded perfume to create over 100 personal care products, giving our customers immediately their own brand and product lines to sell on Amazon.



Phone: +1 (281) 859-4428

Innosol, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance, long lasting fragrances with products sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.


  • Hi ,
    My family has been making traditional perfumes in India (Chennai City). I am belong to the third generation and got involved in the business and trying to turn it around. My back ground is in Genetics/Toxicology and have worked in the Boston Area in Ag Biotech, Nutraceutical Mfring etc. with a graduate degree from USA. I came across your post in base notes and I wanted to see if we can work together. I am committed to this business with a long term vision where the fragrance market in India & Asia is growing/evolving very fast and would like to see if we can establish something as a team.
    “Hi, I’m Jody with Innosol Fragrances.

    For all of the folks that haven’t heard of us, I’d like to introduce myself and my company. Innosol is a boutique fragrance R&D b2b shop, operating in Houston, but we’re trying to change that. We’re working to grow our name and our brand. We performed a tremendous amount of R&D work over the past 16 years and trying to put all of this information to good use. We want to help anyone that wants to learn the in’s and outs of the business and start manufacturing fragrances. We currently have over 20,000 fragrance and flavor formulas in our formulary.

    If anyone out there would like to work with us to start up a manufacturing facility in their home town, be sure to contact me.

    To get our name out there, I’ll be happy to send any basenotes member a free vanilla oud scent, that would make even Tom Ford blush (just joking of course-but it’s a really amazing scent) or if you would prefer a Macintosh apple formula perfect for holiday candles with a very strong throw at no charge. Thanks for reading.”

  • Julia Rajaonarison says:

    Dear Madam / Sir,
    We are a small family-owned manufacturing and exporting company based in Madagascar.
    PURCHASING items FROM the following 100% pure and natural products list availability is highly appreciated:
    Bourbon Vanilla Extracts: 30X Oleoresin, 60Kg; 20X Oleoresin, 80Kg; Alcohol Free 20X Oleoresin, 50Kg; 10X Oleoresin, 170Kg; 20X Absolute, 20Kg; Extracts (1X, 2X, 3X), 5000L.
    Other Boubon Vanilla products: Beans (14-20 cms),1500Kg; Seed, 200Kg; Powder, 300Kg.
    Cocoa Extracts: 20X Oleoresin, 20X Absolute are manufactured upon request.
    Essential Oils: Bourbon Geranium Oil, Foraha (Calophylluminophyllum), Cinnamon Bark Oil, Niaoui Oil, Mandravasarotra/Saro Oil, Ylang Ylang Oils (I, Complete, II, III).
    Raw Materials: Cocoa Beans, up to 22’225Kg (1 FCL) pink pepper
    FOB TNR or C & FR international Airport per Kg Price, samples, Specs, CoA, SDS: forwarded upon request with purchase intent quantity.
    Many thanks for manifesting your interest in items from the present offer, and takng time to respond.

    Kind regards,
    Julia Rajaonarison

    Immeuble IIG45 Antaninandro
    101 Antananarivo, MADAGASCAR
    Trade Register #: 75662001A00207
    Tax ID #: 5000319391

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