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We’re actively seeking partners in the US and abroad. If your company is interested in growing through fragrance manufacturing, please contact us.

If you’ve ever:

  • Dreamed about owning your very own perfume or fragrance manufacturing business.
  • Wanted to create a new perfume / cologne now is your chance.
  • Wanted to make your own unique creation by combining several of your favorite scents…. We can help.
  • Wanted a database of 20,000 formulas to see which raw materials are most commonly used.
  • Wanted to see the approximate costs for over 1,000 raw materials.

If you are:

  • A raw material supplier and want to create new green scents and replace harsh chemicals.
  • A candle company and just want to know more about what’s in the fragrances you purchase with the ability to test each batch for quality, now is your chance.



Phone: +1 (281) 859-4428

Innosol, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance, long lasting fragrances with products sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.


  • Zafar khan says:

    we need some Arabian perfumes Farmulas can u provide us

    • admin says:

      Mr. Khan,

      Thank you for contacting us, and Yes, we are here to help and can provide you with Arabian perfume formulas such as Tobacco and Oud types, as well as sandalwood, and many others. If you would like for us to deformulate a perfume, we can also help with all of those requests as well. Please send us an email with your specific needs or call us at: +1 (281) 859-4428.

      About US:
      We’ve created over 20,000 perfumes/fragrances over the years for many corporations and are covered under “non-disclosure” agreements for many of them.

      However, We currently have thousands of formulas available for sale today. I’ve listed a few top above. We have thousands of perfumes and cologne formulation, so if you have specific scents you would like, please send over a detailed list and I’ll match them against our database.

      Once you advise the quantity of formulas you would like to purchase, I’ll forward you a formal quote.


      Usage: All formulas will be delivered to you in an Excel format for your perpetual and unlimited usage. Once you own the list we would not have any restrictions and the list becomes part of your Database.

      ROI: Each of our formulas has undergone extensive testing for strength, stability and balance. We ensure you will receive maximum Return On Investment.

      Pricing: Our pricing is based on volume and criteria of the fragrance formulas you acquire.

      Payment: Due in advance. Discounts tiers 100 Formulas/500/1000/5000 or more formula purchases.

      What sets us apart from our competition? TECHNOLOGY / QUALITY / PROFIT / SAVINGS.
      Creating fragrances and flavors is an art & very few have perfected it.
      Profit: Typical fragrance margins are 60%.
      Competition: Very few competitors in this industry.
      Technology: 20,000 Industry proven recipes / created in-house / we own all formula rights
      Savings: Manufacturing your own fragrances will save you money today and throughout the life of your company.

      Questions? Don’t be shy..
      With over 20,000 recipes in our formulary-We’re ready to help! Thank you! 281-859-4428
      Products sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

  • Jose Panta says:

    Iam interesting
    I need 25 formulation fragances
    Easy formulation
    Strawberry ambiental
    Strawberry silicona car
    Strawberry not discoloring

    Rosas perfum ambiental
    Lemon / lemon soap / lemon fresh/ lemon herbal
    Coco miel
    Coco shampoo
    Vanilla soap
    Cherry soap
    Cherry blue soap
    Green apple
    Bouquet types diferentes 4 formulas
    Bouquet Floral 3 formulation
    Spring flowers/ primavera ambiental
    Lavander 3 formulation modernos/ new
    Baby talco/ baby powder/ baby jhonson/ baby soap/ baby baby /
    Patchoulli fragance
    Tabu dana fragance
    Cananga fragance

  • Jose says:

    How much 25 formulation…???.
    Contact Mr Jose Luis

  • Debrah Fukui says:

    good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

  • admin says:

    We are here to help. Please send me an email listing the formulas you would like to purchase or call me at 281-859-4428.

  • xalil says:

    Hello Sir we are interested in high quality essences for perfume chemical of your company please give us more information Thank you

  • Jaideep Gandhi says:

    Can you give me a quote for all 20000 formulations.

  • Hi, I’m from Argentina, in the section that they sell Industrial Fragrance Formulas
    How many formulas are?
    how much does it cost?
    Could you send me a sample by mail?

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