Creating a perfume using prompt engineering is now a reality – Machine learning, data science, and chemistry

AromaTune prompt engineering a perfume is now a reality innosolinc

We’ve modeled perfumes through our various in-house software for years, but in 2020, we created Aroma-Tune to help aspiring perfume makers “Create”. Creating a perfume using prompt engineering is now a reality.

Aroma-Tune is more than simple prompt engineering, it was created with a deep understanding of how the fragrance industry really works, starting with a brief, story, or experience. Understanding the demographic, location, odor qualities, emotions, marketing, historic sales, ingredient patterns, etc. It decides which ingredients to choose by location and at what time of year, chemistry, solubility, organoleptics, and stability. Using IFRA standards, tox., and medical data to study how the perfume reacts to skin, and suggesting alternative combinations.

Aroma-Tune and AI are transforming the perfume industry, ushering in an era of unparalleled personalization, creativity, and innovation. Aroma-Tune allows everyone the opportunity to design fragrances that resonate with individual preferences while also embracing sustainability by utilizing the power of AI algorithms. Looking ahead, the possibilities for AI-powered fragrance creation are virtually unlimited, delivering ever more individualized and unique scent experiences. The Perfume AI revolution has begun and it’s your time to embark on a fragrant adventure unlike any other.

Create perfumes, candles, personal care formulas, etc.

Try our beta-version. “link in comments”

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please contact us to:

  • License our software to see all ingredients and unleash the full potential of Ai and our database.
  • Invest in our tech. and join us as we revolutionize the fragrance & flavor industry.

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