Unlocking the Black Box: fragrances

The most exciting aspect of licensing our 20,000 fragrance formulas is the ability to create new fragrances using patterns found in best selling perfumes as a guide, and this my friends is groundbreaking. The addition of statistical analysis & Ai allows anyone with a computer and Innosol’s formulary to create best selling perfumes from known recipes. This is sure to make history.

We provide formulas & raw material expertise, from an engineering perspective (not a perfumer perspective) effectively unlocking the black-box of fragrances. We have taken the brains of our perfumers and downloaded them into this application offering insights that were never thought possible. All formulas are written in both technical and layman terms, and provided in an Excel format to allow all to clearly understand the data and metrics.

Our fragrance formulary & ingredient toolbox serve as your new  innovation engine, strengthening your R&D strategy and equipping all brands for today’s fast-moving world.

Global Brands, Perfumes, Personal Care, Candles are all available now and at your fingertips. Our customers also use our formulary to:

  • Closely Identify Notes/Accords for each market segment; Provide detailed mkt briefs.
  • Select more eco raw materials, leverage raw material buying power.
  • Design fragrances In-house; Manufacture externally.
  • Manufacture in House.

We’ve demonstrated the power of our fragrance database & ingredient analysis tool box to a few industry leaders and in their own words, they stated.

  • “It’s revolutionary.”
  • “R&D chemists will now have complete fragrance formula transparency and can 
get involved, and get their hands dirty.”
  • “Hands on experiential learning.”
  • “Our promise has always been to give customers the information they need to 
choose the right products for them. We’ve never been able to provide frag. info.”
  • “No better place to find advanced analytics.”
  • “Great way to learn fragrance creation techniques, by seeing.”
  • “We will now have control over how our new fragrances are designed.”
  • “Great tool to teach people about fragrance ingredients.”
  • “Searching GCMS data listing thousands of real fragrances & national brands, in 
seconds is priceless.”
  • “This is the one tool you need to help guide you down this path to disclose all fragrance ingredients.”

Qualification and NDA: In order to help only those companies that are serious about moving forward, we’ve put the following qualifying requirements in place. We require a signed NDA by an officer of your company, deposit, & corporate e-mail address (not gmail, yahoo, etc.)


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Ultimately, our database and ingredient toolbox give you the knowledge, power & freedom to create new fragrances based on best sellers, and manufacture fragrances, without any 3rd party assistance.

A wealth of information is available at your fingertips:

  1. A scent graph or graphic representation of the scent
  2. Top, middle, and base notes are identified and graphed.
  3. Odor characteristics of each raw material.
  4. The ability to identify accords in common.
  5. The ability to create new fragrances using historical formulations as a guide. We also provide guidance to create  new fragrances via Ai.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ’s)

Fragrances are the vital force behind strengthening and improving brand recognition. Fragrances are the hook that differentiate your particular product from your competition, yet many companies know little to nothing about the contents of this key ingredient.

  • Innosol provides transparency
  • Trying to harmonize, consolidate or map these fragrances is almost impossible without Innosol’s help.
  • Is in-house fragrance creation an option? / Yes, let us show you how.
  • Innosol’s formulary provides the tools necessary to take control over this commodity.

Transparency – Please watch our Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPv31REFTNI

Why should I have confidence in Innosol or Innosol’s 25K formulas & ingredients? There is no smoke and mirrors behind Innosol formulations, just the strongest, oil based perfumes, using food grade ingredients, when possible. Down to our core, we believe better, safer, and more eco-friendly ingredients can be found and employed, and this has always been our passion.We believe everyone should have the right to see all chemicals in the products they buy, including all fragrance chemicals.

Innosol Fragrances & Flavors: Complete formula transparency & detail

Percentage Raw Material Cas# Price Odor Desc Food Grade
4 Aldehyde C-14 104-67-6 $2.75 Creamy Fatty Peach Coconut Fcc, IFRA, Food Grade, Halal, Kosher
1 Orange Terpenes 68647-72-3 $0.80 Natural Citrus, Orange 100% Pure & Natural IFRA, Food Grade, Halal, Kosher, Natural
1.5 Anisic Aldehyde 123-11-5 $4.25 Sweet Powdery Floral Spicy Fcc, IFRA, Food Grade, Halal, Kosher
0.3 Vanillin 121-33-5 $7.00 Vanilla Sweet Creamy Fcc, Food Grade, Halal, Kosher
1 Ethyl Vanillin 121-32-4 $9.25 Sweet Creamy Vanilla Caramelic Fcc, Food Grade, Halal, Kosher
2 Coumarin 91-64-5 $4.75 Sweet Hay Natural Halal

Please sum up Innosol’s formulary of 25,000 fragrance & flavor formulas in just a few words?

    • Cost Savings, Freedom, Teaching Tool, View competitors formulas
    • View the chemical composition of every note, scent & accord imaginable in seconds
    • How to Compound/Mix/blend,
    • Artificial Intelligence, Open the Black Box of Secrets
    • Predict an accord across many formulas for standardization & Scent Visualization

Please sum up Innosol’s formulary of 25,000 fragrance & flavor formulas in 1 sentences. In essence, it’s like buying  a fragrance manufacturer with 20 years of formulations, R&D, and manufacturing know how, for a fraction of the price.

What can Innosol’s formulary do to help all of our employees get a better understanding of fragrances and allow us all to work together? Breaking down walls between all company divisions. Our 25,000 formulas are written in both technical and layman terms, provided in an Excel format (no special software required) to allow all departments to clearly understand the data and metrics and benefit from using our system. The ability to create graphs, pivot tables, statistical analysis, are all at your fingertips for 25,000 formulas.

Is Innosol’s formulary a static system or can it grow with our company? Our FFIB is a living-learning tool that grows with your company. We envision your company will be self sufficient within a few years of employing our FFIB system. Of the 25K formulations, our formulary contains over 5,000 brand new formulations that the world has been searching for & all formulas are looking for their perfect product to highlight their very own global brand. These formulas are all tested, proven, and ready to employ.

We put business briefs to work for you. If you are looking for a new perfume creation for a certain sex, gender, age group, with fun, modern, timeless, nautical, relaxing… put our database to work for you!

Please feel free to ask us any question as this industry is shrouded in secrecy. Feel free to send us a direct message, leave a comment, or ask our president a question. We will do our best to answer every single one, so let’s connect soon!

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