Perfume Deformulation

We specialize in perfume deformulation, reverse engineering a fragrance by identifying the components by % and chemical name.

Deformulation helps detect weak, diluted, off spec., or imposter fragrances before you add them to your personal care products, candles, laundry detergent, lotions, or air fresheners.

With over 20 years experience and having deformulated over 20,000 fragrances, we are experts in perfume deformulation. If you are looking for a company to deformulate a perfume or fragrance, we are here to help.

Deformulation is basically reverse engineering a fragrance, and identifying the components by % and chemical name. We have over 20 years of experience testing thousands of different kinds of fragrances and products for chemical composition. Finding and applying the right analytical method for your particular product is challenging and only a few companies can handle these requests.

Common myth regarding Contract Labs and GC/MS Reports… Some believe any chemist at any contract lab can test a sample using GC/MS and receive a 100% accurate formula listing all ingredients. This is far from the truth. Contract Labs provide low cost GC/MS reports listing hundreds of ingredients, unconsolidated, and in no particular order. Our customers advise stand alone GC/MS reports lose their luster once they realize the time commitment trying to make sense of the data.

Why Perfumer Perfected Fragrance Formulas make all the difference

Our chemists use testing equipment such as GC/MS to provide a rough outline of the ingredients. Many ingredients however do not appear on the report so we need to further refine the formula. This is just the beginning of the process. Once we have a general framework of the aroma, we next rely heavily on our team of chemists and our perfumers expertise to recreate the formulation and closely match  the original without infringing on others formulations. We don’t rush this process and it generally takes us about 3 weeks to perform a perfumer perfected fragrance deformulation.

Why Perform a Fragrance Deformulation?

Eample: You are concerned a lawsuit may be filed against your company and branded shampoo because social media has exploded with negative comments stating your shampoo is now giving your customers headaches and rashes. An ingredient in your brand is being treated as a foreign substance. Customers are advising they are having an inflammatory reaction which is the body’s response to help fight off a substance while treating it as if it’s a bacterial or viral invader. But, you know all of the ingredients in your product(s), or do you? Fragrance oils are trade secrets and the ingredients are not disclosed. F&F Houses can alter ingredients at will.  Not knowing all ingredients in your branded products is a legal liability.

When your largest customers are telling you there’s something wrong, They are getting headaches & rashes, the fragrance is weaker, it smells different, it’s not the same, it doesn’t have the same throw that it used to.  Your customers are asking you all of these questions but do you have an answer?

If customers can identify your products by their smell, you by default are in the fragrance business. So, this is your opportunity to contact us so we can identify all of the ingredients in the fragrance oils you buy that represent you and your brand.

We are here to help. There are a lot of tools you can employ to ensure you are receiving a quality fragrance oil each time you order. The first step is knowing all of the ingredients and percentages in your fragrances used in your brands. Next, fragrance refractometers are frequently employed in perfume and personal care day to day operations.  Since many oils are distilled from plants in very remote areas around the world, testing for purity is vital.  The two most common tests all companies should perform on their fragrances are for Specific Gravity (SG) (density) and Refractive Index (RI).

As a fragrance and flavor manufacturer we check each individual ingredient we receive for purity using a refractive index.  Study after study shows that weaker or imposter fragrances have a lower refractive index than the original.


Hi, I’m Joe and I get this question all the time. 

What is perfume Deformulation?

Perfume Deformulation is basically reverse engineering a fragrance, or identifying the components by % and chemical name.

How does it work? Next Steps?

1. Our experts will first consult with you to discuss the objectives for the project.

2. Background information can greatly aid in the reverse engineering process as well as reduce the time required for deformulation.

3. Our experts next develop the most efficient deformulation plan and select the most appropriate techniques for the project.

Techniques used including GCMS

Would you like to know more about our process –

First we secure a viable test sample, which is challenging at times. Next we perform a customized series of extractions to isolate different components present in the sample (i.e. polymeric components, surfactants, etc.) and one or all of the following tests may be used depending on the quality of the sample provided.

Testing –

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and NMR analysis of the different extracts are performed. Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (SEM/EDXA) of the insoluble material is performed to identify any inorganic materials present. Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) is performed to provide a molecular weight range of the observed polymeric components, if present. HPLC, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), and Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis is performed to identify and quantify the organic volatiles present.

Perfumers expertise –

Next it takes several hours to accurately compile like chemicals. We now have roughly 80%+ of the formula, and we next bring in our perfumer to close the gap for a near perfect match. This process from start to finish takes on average 2-3 weeks.

We have over 20 years of experience testing thousands of different kinds of fragrances and products for chemical composition. Innosol, Inc. specializes in product deformulation. Finding and applying the right analytical method to your particular product is challenging and only a few laboratories are equipped to handle these kinds of requests.

perfume formula

Perfume Formula

With over 20,000 fragrances under our belt, we are the leaders in perfume deformulation. Our 20,000 formulas and Aroma-Tune software are now available for licensing.


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