Business owners, who own their formulas have end-to-end ingredient visibility, decrease the level of risk in their business & not only increase the value of their business, they also make their business more predictable for themselves, reducing their anxiety and allowing them to sleep better at night.


Can we help all companies?

Well, I’m not quite sure we can help all companies, but spending just a few minutes on our site with an open mind could be beneficial. We hope to help businesses identify any possible hidden gaps with their current fragrance house that could be causing consumers to skip their brand and purchase alternatives. We also help brands that are overspending on fragrances & under-performing.

Who owns your formula? Its your brand, its your product… but who owns the formula & why is this important?

As a manufacturing business owner, you know that fragrance is a critical component of your product’s success. But what happens when your fragrance is discontinued, and you can’t keep up with customer demand? Did you realize when you leave the manufacturer your formulation stays with them. Oh, and forget about exporting your products, It’s impossible if you don’t know all ingredients. If your customers are telling you that your products smell different, smell cheaper or weaker… you need to act quickly. Don’t let fragrance discontinuity hurt your business. Act now by working with a fragrance manufacturer that offers fragrance formula matching and ingredient transparency. Boost your revenue and gain a competitive advantage by ensuring your fragrances remain consistent over time.

Why would I buy fragrance formulas…?   Our fragrance house handles everything.

Just think about it:

 Does the consumer buy the same way that they used to? No, consumers are more informed than ever before in history.

 Do we have the same buying behaviors as we did in the 1950’s? I would argue not… customers are demanding ingredient transparency.

 Do prospects believe manufacturers are telling the truth about the safety of their brands? How could that be true anymore, when everything is a quick Google search away? Consumers are aware that the biggest brands in the world are involved in lawsuits stemming from questionable ingredients in their products.

 Is competition the same that it was just 20 years ago? Let’s be real… there’s more competition than ever with thousands of new brands entering the market every year. That’s why knowing all ingredients in your fragrances and providing label transparency is critical for any brands’ continued success.

Musk xylene, that was once the most widely used of the “nitro-musks”, has been found in your product, and your firm is now subject to a recall and litigation. What do you do? I would argue that not knowing the ingredients in my fragrances is not the best defense…

 Why choose Innosol fragrance formulas? 100% fragrance formula disclosure, ownership, transparency, and the ability to manufacture if you want to.

What experience does Innosol bring to the table?

If you’ve smelled any candle, perfume, or personal care product in the last twenty years, you have likely encountered our formulations.

Established in 2000, Innosol, Inc., has been in the trenches 22 years creating, manufacturing and selling fragrance oils. We are the first fragrance manufacturer to license our trade secrets. Our 30,000 formulas are 99% accurate, guaranteed, and used in 1,000’s of products in over 30 countries to scent global brands, candles, pharma, & perfume formulas.

“I know you’re going to get so much value from our formulas, but first, I have to prove to you I know what I’m talking about and that I’m the right one to help you on this journey to control this space, so that’s why you can purchase our formulations for a fraction of the cost to create them.” -Jody Soileau, President, Copyright ©2022 by Innosol, Inc.

If you’re stuck thinking… “Will this actually work for my company?”

“Licensing Innosol’s Fragrance formulas has demonstrably reduced the cost of purchasing fragrance oils from our preferred 3rd. party mfg.”   Executive Vice President Supply Chain,  Global CPG

“We were skeptical and concerned about retaliation from our Fragrance House. We have been fighting for ingredient transparency from them for years with lackluster results. After collaboration with Innosol, we were shocked at how easy fragrance creation actually was and we now offer full transparency on all of our labels.”  Chemist, Cosmetic R&D Firm

“Today’s Fragrance Houses offer very little innovation, and once we realized that many new fragrances are just flankers (or knockoffs) of other best sellers, we realized we could perform this R&D in-house & haven’t looked back.”     Chief Chemist, Candle Company

“Despite constituting less than 1% of our product’s volume, fragrances contribute up to 30% of its total cost of production. Not any more & Thanks Innosol.”  President, Personal Care Mfg.

Even if you have no interest in fragrance formulas… They will be an invaluable asset to your firm and a great tool for your R&D Toolbox:

Communication tool: Easily communicate the scent and flavor profiles of products to consumers.

Learning tool: Learn how fragrance production formulas are created.

In-House Customization tool: Let our software fix rogue formulas within your library.

In House Sampling tool: Our 30,000 formulas, when paired with our $5,000 dosing machine, will give you fragrance control & fragrance freedom.

Managing your 3rd. party fragrance house has never been easier once you know the ingredients and percentages. In country content, more sustainable resources, and label transparency are all now possible with Aroma-Tune.

Insurance Tool: Prevent rouge ingredients from appearing in your products.

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

After purchase, you will receive an encrypted email with the formula in Excel or CSV format. Each formula comes with a wealth of information including %, ingredient, CAS Number, odor description, odor strength, top/middle/base notes along with select physical and chemical properties.

For an additional fee, we can provide up to 300 data points listing physical and chemical properties associated with each ingredient, Plus Organoleptic Properties, taste, sight, smell, and touch, for each ingredient. Plus where to buy ingredients and an estimated cost per pound per ingredient. Plus the formula for any referenced Accord as well as complete solubility data, evaporation rate, etc.

Do you offer more in depth help?

Great question. Yes, we do offer more in depth so please call us so we can have that conversation.

Who is this for?

Our formulas are for any business, manufacturer, or brand that wants to learn how production formulas are created, communicate fragrance profiles better, adopt label transparency requirements demanded by consumers, and to rapidly improve overall profitability and growth. Our formulas when used with an inexpensive dosing machine allow our R&D customers to create samples in minutes in house.

However, if you’re happy with your current fragrance house telling you, “Trust-Us”, yet they will not disclose the formula, then our formulas are not for you.

What is Aroma-Tune?

Aroma-Tune® is data processing software used to view, measure and tune individual notes that is bundled with our fragrance & flavor database containing 30,000 global brands, personal care, candle, pharma, and perfume formulas. Aroma-Tune data provides product manufacturers with the tools and language to communicate the scent and flavor profile of their products to consumers, thereby building trust and engagement with their brands.

Is there a Guarantee?

We’re looking for dedicated brands and manufacturers who are looking to improve profitability, growth, and transparency. With that being said… I already know that anyone who purchases our formulations end up getting hooked and fast. Which is why my team and I put together our “Try us out guarantee,” We want to ensure that our customers are happy with the first purchase they make.

Since we’re selling intellectual property online, offering an exchange or refund on more than (1) one formula due to dissatisfaction is not an option as this policy can be abused.

So we’ve found a better way to guarantee customer happiness, instead. If you don’t love the first formula you buy to try us out, we will send you a different formula in the same family group, or issue a full refund. And you get to keep the original formula we sent to you. We strongly suggest purchasing just (1) formula to try us out as only (1) formula is eligible for refund per new customer. The second formula and subsequent formulas purchased thereafter are eligible for replacement only per our policy and will no longer be eligible for refunds.

Who owns your formula? Continued From Above

Since we are a business that sells formulations you may think we will always try to sell you something, but that just isn’t the case. You have many options when creating your brand and running a successful business and below we list the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, what options are open to you?

1) White Label or Private Label using a Contract Manufacturers’ Stock formula.

It’s kind of like renting a car versus buying the car, you rent a manufacturers formulas also know as a “R&D” fee, which is factored into each pound or item, sold. These are formulations they have already created in-house that all customers can use. The manufacturer will factor ‘formulation rent’ into their manufacturing costing and these are usually ongoing.

The good: You don’t have to invest in the money or time to develop your formulation so the time-to-market can be shortened.

The bad: You have little to no control over what goes into your formulation and have minimal creative freedom. When ingredients need to be changed due to supply or price problems it is unlikely that you will have much say in what they are changed to unless you are a major client. Formulation will not be fully disclosed to you and as such you may not understand how and why your product does what you say it does. When you leave the manufacturer your formulation stays with them leaving you with few options to continue carrying the product. Lastly, gathering information about your formulations for export purposes is very tricky as you don’t ‘own’ it.

However, if money is very tight, ‘renting’ a formula may not even matter to you.

Not so good for: Innovating science brands, philosophical positioning, general scientific or early adopter brands.

2) Partial Development: You own the Product Formula Only, But Not The Fragrance Formula:

Basically this involves the contract manufacturer formulating or reformulating a product (shampoo, soap, etc.) more specific for you. It usually involves tweaking one of their existing product formulas or at least working their ‘stocked’ materials a different way. The fragrance formula is purchased from a 3rd. party provider with zero formula visibility.

The Good: Usually there is only a nominal fee for this if you sign up with a manufacturing contract so again it is quite attractive from a cash flow perspective. You get to learn a little more about the development process and can influence the products material choice, feel and performance somewhat, which is great.

The Bad: Even though you will feel like it is ‘your’ formulation it is not. It is still the work of the manufacturer and if you leave them, you get no formulation. Another potential downfall is that manufacturers generally like to work with their own stock of raw materials so if you want a specific sustainable ingredient and they don’t stock it, you have to purchase and store it yourself.   Finally it can be difficult to get all of the information you need for export if you don’t own the formulations as manufactures are reluctant to provide.

Good & Bad: Good choice for knowing what’s in your product. Bad choice since 75% of sales is based off the fragrance/smell and you still don’t own the fragrance formula.

3) You’ve paid a R&D House, ex: Innosol, Inc. for Product & Fragrance Formulas:

Innosol has created thousands of product and fragrance formulations over the past 22 years. You pay for Research & Development only once. This one time fee gives you 100% ingredient transparency for both the product and fragrance. The ability to scale, manufacture overseas, control ingredients, & export are a breeze with this option.

Our customers advise we are easy to get along with as we are all about personality and experience! Our Formulations vary in price, but we now offer financing. We walk through our agreements step by step to ensure everyone fully understands.

The Good: When you work with Innosol, Inc., we ‘get’ you and your brand AND you can now rely on manufacturers around the world for delivery so the sky is the limit. We have some of the most innovative products and best of all as you are working privately your ideas won’t be shared with other clients giving you the chance to be first to market. You will learn lots about how the formulation is built, what makes it work and how it is to be manufactured which is an investment in its self. In addition you can set your budget (within reason) and we can work towards your price-per-lb. cost. Moving Forward, your formulations are a valuable asset to your company and build equity for when and or if you wish to decide to sell. Owning your formulations and knowing exactly all ingredients in your products empowers you to talk more deeply and openly to clients about how and why they work and it makes it easy for export purposes.

Good For: Brands that need or want to know their science, are market leaders because they are innovative, have a very specific brand platform and brands that are looking for new ideas outside of their ‘bubble’.

Please Explain The Costs: Welcome to the world of formulation, or as we call it, The World of Pain, a world where you spend hundreds of dollars on ingredients that you then have to throw away – when formula’s don’t go to plan! To hands that crack because you have tried out dozens of shampoos and body wash formulations that week, to endless hours of adjusting the formula when you could have been spending time with the kids, jogging, playing golf, or working on your marketing plan and to the pain of waiting for samples that never arrive.

To be in the formulation business, you must Love it. But at the same time, it can be very painful both on our bottom line in terms of TIME, (which is often overlooked) Stability, efficacy, price, efficiency, ingredient philosophy, marketability and time-frame – it’s all up to you. This is what you are paying for. Products that smell amazing and perform with complete transparencies that are available today.

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