Innosol’s Ai Fragrance Creation Tool


Unencumbered with cultural bias, personal preference, knowledge, experience or comfort with a substance.

How does Innosol’s “Aroma-Tune” Fragrance Creation tool work?

We create aromas from 1,700 “core” fragrance raw materials (natural, food grade, & synthetic fragrances and extracts from flowers, mosses, spices, and fruits) Innosol has a database of over 30,000 proven formulations made from various combinations of these ingredients.

Innosol also uses information about what fragrances sold well among different genders, age groups, and countries. After analyzing the data, our Ai system (that’s unencumbered with cultural bias, personal preference, knowledge, experience or comfort with a substance) identifies possibilities for new fragrances given your specific inputs & criteria.

Our Ai system provides perfume formulas that we predict to perform well for a target group.  It’s important to understand that our proprietary database shows the user how various ingredients were combined by hundreds of perfumers and is not just acting based on what (1) perfumer has his or her mind set to do.

The beauty of our Ai system analyzing the data and suggesting formulas is that anyone can use it regardless of their knowledge.

Ai algorithms can learn and suggest:

  • Novelty of a fragrance by comparing it to commercially available fragrances
  • Raw material substitutes and complements to be used in formulas
  • Dosing of raw material
  • Predict the human response

We have a program in place to get you & your team up to speed in no time.

  1. Learn the perfumer lingo
  2. Learn the raw materials by odor
  3. Learn the accords
  4. See how thousands of perfumes and fragrances were created.
  5. Create new formulas by adjusting just a few key ingredients (top, heart notes
  6. Start providing comprehensive fragrance briefs (listing key notes & accords)
  7. Create (1) fragrance entirely by AI in house at your CPG Company

Automation Formulation Workflow coupled with Ai Strategy

Step 1: New Fragrance Creation / Specifications:

Based on needs assessment
Sustainable ingredients
Meet IFRA standards
General product and scent attributes: (Men’s, Hair Care, Fresh, Clean)

*Experimental design *Space filling algorithm

Step 2: New Product Inspiration

or Match to Market, or Match Competitors Aroma. Based on marketing department intelligence
Scent selection attributes
Main accords: Identify: for example: (Citrus, Lime, Sandalwood)
Create Fragrance Brief

*Build & *Characterize

Aroma Tune Software,

Step 3: Database Mine

Identify batch properties using Innosol’s 30,000 formulas
Or 1,500 global best selling perfumes
Or 500 Best Selling Perfumes of all time

*Perceived Effect *Evaluate

Step 4: Ai Fragrance Creation

Feeding the Ai system w/the whole data for predictive analysis
Ai will recommend new aromas & proven ingredients with (%) per dataset.

*Lead data *Learn *Predict

Step 5: Consumer & Sensory Observations

In house testing
Focus group testing

*Specify targets *Reverse

Step 6: Optimize Recipes

Optimize raw materials in common w Core Fragrance groups
Standardize on carrier oils
Max benefit (reduction in oil usage)
Anti Counterfeit, Strength (Civet/BA)