Fragrance Manufacturer Near Me?

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Is there a Fragrance Manufacturer Near Me? You’ve asked for it & we’ve answered. Now setting up Innosol micro manufacturing plants on your site & on demand & we share all profits.

Forget China & shipping delays, weak oils & monthly price increases.

For those looking for new customers, no restrictions, sell to anyone, anywhere, and healthy 66% Margins / 3X the cost of the oils, please read on.

Fragrance-Factory-in-a-Box is revolutionizing the fragrance industry. We work with you and start manufacturing fragrance oils on your property between 30-60 days.

Fragrance Factory in a Box provides Flexibility, Mobility, & Speed to market. Fragrance Factory-in-a-Box, mobile production capacity, can be used to reallocate working
opportunities in a cost-effective way when customers demand this as a part of the business deal.

Our package contains four parts:
an Intellectual property/technical solution, a logistics solution, a training solution for the local labor, and a simple method to move & install, and sell fragrance oils.



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