How to write Powerful Fragrance Briefs

How to write strong fragrance briefs innosolinc.com

What is a Fragrance Brief?

Manufacturers rely on 3rd. party fragrance houses for fragrance oils used to scent their products. They need a way to communicate to fragrance houses their ideas on the new or revised scent. A fragrance brief will explain to whom the perfume, or perfumed product appeals, why, what the scent evokes in the nose, and what the scent will look like. It also describes where geographically and they advised life span of the fragrance. The briefs are sent to fragrance houses like Innosol, Inc. where our perfumer will design, create and compound the fragrance formula.

We start the fragrance creation process once we receive a Product Brief from a manufacturer or CPG.

Typical Fragrance Brief Categories:

Project Name: Category, Brand, Target Market (Global or Country, Region) Summary, Demographics, Fragrance Considerations, Scope, Objective, Fragrance Characteristics, Regulatory, Quantity of samples, Singular Ownership or General Use, Approved Cost Range, Date Required.

Vague Fragrance Briefs listing emotions and banned ingredients were the only path forward for many manufacturers, until now.

Our customers advise they are now able to zero in on a scent, and more importantly, speak the same language with perfumers at their beloved fragrance houses. The results are clear. The better you can communicate, the better the oil.

Suggestions for New Fragrances or when updating a brand:

(1) Standardizing fragrances is key. We are very pleased with the base of our XYZ Fragrance, which is a best seller, use the same base and twist the top and middle notes for a unique scent.

(2) Provide a standardized ingredient list: example, 1,200 approved & “Sustainable” ingredients for use. Rather than advise only the chemicals that are banned, providing a list of approved ingredients removes captives that drive up your global oil costs.

(3) Rather than describing the new scent objectives using adjectives such as edgy, novel, classic, or modern, our customers now have the advantage of control over scent and standardization of ingredients.

New briefs now advise: We require Aldehyde C-6 for it’s powerful grassy notes, we also like Citral for it’s amazing citrus, and be sure to include Exaltolide for it’s musky notes. These ingredients are required in the updated scent and to add to our ingredient standardization practices.

ALDEHYDE C-6(E)   66-25-1                     Fatty, Green, Grassy, Powerful, Penetrating          Food Grade, Halal, Kosher

CITRAL(E)(I43)       5392-40-5    Lemon, citrus, fruity, green & a natural identical substance (main component of many essential oils like lemon grass, litsea cubeba etc.), therefore very useful for fresh, citrus-like, agrumic notes. Very commonly used in flavor compositions for imitation of lemon, grapefruit, orange, lime. Food Grade, Halal, Kosher         T- Citrus        Top – Lemon

EXALTOLIDE(E)       106-02-5      An elegant, pleasant sweet animal musky note

Food Grade, Halal, Kosher   M- Animalic, Musk    Green half-circle –

These are just a few tips… For additional information, and for the entire Fragrance Brief Process, please see below.

Large Consumer Product Manufacturers (CPG) utilize Product Brief’s for their new Product Launches.

The Flow chart of it all:

Company-X Plans to Launch a Product

  • For Example: A New Body Wash that needs a unique fragrance.

Company-X drafts a Fragrance Brief

  • It is sent to Innosol, Inc. Fragrances & Flavors as well as other fragrance houses.

On the receipt of the Brief, Innosol’s Perfumer

  • Initiates the process to develop the required fragrance
  • The banned ingredient list is thoroughly reviewed. Innosol’s bestseller lists are combed through for a quick match as well as other formulas in our formulary.

Samples are created using varied ingredients to develop different versions of the fragrance.

  • If briefs are sent to more than one fragrance house, Company-X evaluates all samples.
  • Shortlist only one sample of Fragrance oil for its upcoming product launch.
  • And advise of minor tweaks, if required.

Required modifications are made by Innosol Fragrances and

  • Supply arrangements with Company-X get established.