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Reading & Writing Odors is now a Reality – Machine learning, data science, and chemistry

Reading & Writing Odors is now a reality innosol, backbone of fragrance industry

Reading & Writing Odors is now a Reality: We have digitized odor molecules (patterns) for the past 23 years.  Our ingredient database includes over 40,000 molecules and over 30,000 Top Perfume formulas, Personal Care Products, as well as everyday odors, in (1) uniform, flat file. Our formulary and ingredient database are available to all leading machine learning firms & interested parties. This data is available today. 

Our database is currently being used to:
:quantitatively and reproducibly measure odor and taste.
:measure and optimize fragrances & flavors to better understand the specific odor molecules that influence consumer preferences.
: provide tools and language to communicate the scent and flavor profile to consumers

Our organoleptic data and data-sets are instrumental in helping leading edge firms:
:create the first odor map 
:improve the sense of smell due to medication or disease
:reduce food spoilage
:reduce critical equipment downtime

The ultimate goal is to incorporate into devices (computers & cell phones) to help detect diseases early

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We are the proud creators of Aroma-Tune


Top 4 Reasons Clients Choose to work with Innosol:

We identified the quantitative odor, chemical, organoleptic & physical properties per molecule of thousands of personal care products and perfumes to help manufacturers understand successful fragrance formula patterns, construct & cost.

Our Formulary Helps Manufacturers Launch Successful New Products using Statistics, not Feelings: The ability to Visualize in-house fragrance formulas & your competitors, side-by-side, their composition, percentages, patterns, and ingredients, graphically and in real time, can offer a statistical means to correct mistakes or readjust ingredients before a costly product launch

Our software, Aroma-Tune helps firms sell more product in more regions by measuring and optimizing fragrances & flavors to the area targeting specific odor molecules that influence consumer preferences.

We provide a windfall of valuable F&F information without the massive reverse engineering costs and time requirements. 

Innosol, Inc. over the course of 23 years, formulated 35,000 of the world’s greatest personal care, pharma, and perfume formulas and is making this formulary available for a limited time. Innosol is the first fragrance manufacturer to license its trade secrets, intellectual property, and disclose production formulas. Perfume formulas are 99% accurate, use sustainable ingredients, are perfumer perfected, quality tested, & proven to perform in multiple product types.