Manufacture perfumes & fragrances, on-site & on-demand!

Fragrance Manufacturing

Manufacturing fragrance oils on-site has never been easier. This micro factory is the ideal way to enter fragrance manufacturing. Whether you want to start small or create small batches of new variants, this is an ideal way to test market your aromas before launch.

Ease of Manufacturing

All you need is Aroma-Tune, our beginner friendly fragrance app. and one employee to weigh ingredients, blend, and package. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with full automation, where one touch of a button produces a batch from start to finish.

In the name of sustainability, transparency, and reducing the overall carbon footprint, we see a bright future with our dynamic model, allowing thousands of companies to manufacture small batches on site, making minor changes on demand, and creating new and unique fragrances.

About Us:

Innosol, Inc., America’s leading flavor and fragrance company, today announced it is licensing micro factories in 2022. This is further proof of Innosol’s commitment to leverage growth potential for small to mid sized manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Designed to deliver a superior level of flavor and fragrance solutions, these new micro facilities will enable Innosol and it’s partners to meet growing demand from customers in the personal care, candle, industrial, and food and beverage segments.

“Over the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in mergers and acquisitions, and independent perfume manufacturers are disappearing. This leaves small to mid sized manufacturers at a disadvantage. Given this rapid transformation, we are offering our micro-factories, a proven solution, to address the needs of these markets and clientele.”

We recommend you start your in house and on demand manufacturing journey by purchasing a few formulas to see if fragrance manufacturing is right for you. We’ve made a few hundred formulas available for you to purchase right from our website. Compare our aromas to global best selling brands: Perfumes, Candles, Personal Care, Pharma & more click hereIf you are looking for a specific formula, but don’t see it on our website, please send us an email request.

Key Reasons owning formulas is the Right Decision for your company!

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