Edible-Scents: Opens up a whole new world for Big Pharma: “Fragrances created using food-grade ingredients”

Edible Scents in pharmaceuticals aromatune

Flavors have been added to pharmaceuticals for hundreds of years, but would you be surprised to learn that many fragrance formulas contain 80% or more food grade ingredients?  What’s the next big thing?   Edible-Fragrances in pharma.

Over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals have grown exponentially over the past few years, primarily driven by conventional flavors.

Our software, Aroma-Tune, allows users to quickly identify and remove all non-food grade ingredients, and replace them with food grade alternatives, opening up a whole new world for Big Pharma. The adoption rate of traditional flavors is very high, especially in regions such as the US and Asia, contributing a major revenue in the market. With steady growth in the number of health-conscious consumers, the diverse range of flavors in OTC pharmaceuticals are gaining rapid traction in the market.

Flavored tablets, chewables, gummies, and lozenges are rising in demand by the younger and older demographics and are leading the way in market growth. The global access and adoption of e-commerce by all demographics is also boosting the growth of the pharmaceutical landscape.  This path to market provides direct sales from the manufacturer to consumers and is highly preferred and extremely cost effective. Favorable government regulations are also boosting the flavored  OTC pharmaceutical market for pediatrics. 

Pharma manufacturers globally are all experiencing high demand for oral drug formulation for flavored tablets, chewables, gummies, and lozenges. Creative pharma manufacturers expects new flavors in OTC pharmaceuticals to positively influence the market and grow overall market revenue.

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