Innosol, Inc. Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Innosol, Inc. Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“Licensing Innosol’s Formulary has demonstrably reduced the cost of purchasing fragrance oils from our preferred 3rd. party mfg.”
Executive Vice President Supply Chain,  Global CPG

“We were skeptical and concerned about retaliation from our Fragrance House. We have been fighting for ingredient transparency from them for years with lackluster results. After collaboration with Innosol, we were shocked at how easy fragrance creation actually was and we now offer full transparency on all of our labels.”
Chemist, Cosmetic R&D Firm

“Today’s Fragrance Houses offer very little innovation, and once we realized that many new fragrances are just flankers (or knockoffs) of other best sellers, we realized we could perform this R&D in-house & haven’t looked back.”
Chief Chemist, Candle Company

“Despite constituting less than 1% of our product’s volume, fragrances contribute up to 30% of its total cost of production. Not any more & Thanks Innosol.”
President, Personal Care Mfg.