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Innosol Fragrance Factory
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We own some of the most valuable trade secrets and intellectual property in the industry & We are very selective when choosing a partner. 

To be considered into our fragrance manufacturing program, we only select individuals of the highest caliber, who must identify and be clear about elements of professionalism to maintain an ethical business unit.

Why do clients want to work with us? Profitability & Growth. Our best sellers list of fragrance formulas allows our clients to generate up to $5,000.00 in profit for 30 minutes of work when mixing (1) 500# drum of fragrance oil.

With only 100 fragrance manufactures in the United States, fragrance manufacturing offers a product every manufacturer needs, with minimal competition, in the most secretive industry on the planet. Manufacturing Fragrance oils will be your most profitable business unit.


  • The big fragrance houses push away small companies, giving you, the edge to take all fragrance business in your area.
  • Sticky Client Base: Once a customer starts purchasing Fragrances from you, they stick to you unlike most other manufactured products.
  • Critical Business during Pandemics:
  • Recession Proof:
  • Financing is available:


This is a unique opportunity to manufacture fragrance oils here in the USA, to be sold here in the USA. There are only 101 fragrance manufacturing companies in America. You have the opportunity to be the 102nd. fragrance manufacturing company in the USA within an under served market segment.

Call for Price

Would you like our help to get started? We can build on your property, or you can purchase one of our commercial properties, & we will build a warehouse, purchase chemicals, and help you get started.

Properties Currently Available:

(1) Commercial Property: Houston, TX (SOLD)

(2) Commercial Property: St. Martinville, LA (Available)

The owners have local government approval to operate a manufacturing & distribution business specializing in fragrances & flavors on this site. The site is zoned for commercial and zoned for manufacturing. The facility is located in a highly desirable & historic area of St. Martinville, LA. There is no current operation on site, as the new owners will have a say in the building construction. Innosol will build the facility within certain limits, and the new owner would be responsible for all build outs. A generous chemical allowance is also provided so the new owners can get started almost immediately. This is a great project for anyone that is looking to add a Historic South Louisiana Manufacturing & Distribution hub, in a city with favorable tax rates.

Details: St. Martinville, Property

Space: 3,600 SqFt (Commercial Property)

Rent: N/A

Rent Once Operational: N/A

Power: Single Phase 220 Amps

Parking Spots: +5

Land Zoned as: Commercial for Manufacturing

Asking Price: (Seller Financing Available)

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released. This listing is Fully Exclusive only by Innosol Inc., Fragrance Division.

If you have any questions call 281-859-4428

About the Business


St. Martinville, LA


Flavor & Fragrance Manufacturer for Sale with Commercial Property Included

Retail Storefront- Manufacturing Facility to be built on commercial property. This business will manufacture fragrance & flavors for personal care or oilfield products are offered, either individually or in any combination, for business to business or retail sale, including an establishment that delivers, pursuant to express authorization by local ordinance,

Contact the Seller: Innosol, Inc.

Contact Number: 281-859-4428

About the Sale

Reason For Selling:

Looking to expand fragrance and flavor manufacturing.


Training Provided by Seller.

It’s a great time to own a fragrance manufacturing business.

  • Critical Business. No shut downs during pandemics.
  • Yes, you can manufacture fragrances in your home town & we encourage it.
  • Just about every company that manufactures a personal care product purchases fragrances and flavors.
  • High Margins: 65%+ (Cost $5/lb., Sell for $15/lb., Profit $10/lb.) Sell one 500lb drum and make $5,000.00/US
  • Competitors: Few
  • Sales Area: No restrictions:
  • Scalable: Yes
  • Few employees are required. Start running this business by yourself.

We at Innosol help you start a lucrative fragrance manufacturing business. We teach you step-by-step how to blend our proven formulas. We provide:

  • Proven fragrance and flavor production formulas
  • We show you where to order premium chemicals
  • We teach you how to weigh, blend, package, and ship
  • We show you how to market fragrances & flavors
  • On site instruction is also available

Choose fragrance formulas from our formulary which contains thousands of the most sought after perfumes & colognes in the world, plus candles, cleaning products, hair care, detergent, as well as industrial scents.

This offer includes: Fragrance & Flavor Formulas from our premium or industrial formulary + our How to Manufacture Fragrances – Step by Step guide highlighting everything you will need to know to start blending your own line of fragrances. (Formulas Only – Manufacturing Equipment not included)

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own fragrance manufacturing business, don’t miss this opportunity!

Innosol Fragrance Factory
Innosol Fragrance Factory

This offer also includes:

  • A negotiated number of Fragrance & Flavor formulas for best selling oils.
  • Where to purchase chemicals. price per pound/kilo.
  • CAS numbers / Chemical %
  • Equipment List : scales, drum dollies, bung wrenches, blending & Testing Equipment, Samples Batch Storage, & QA/QC Testing
  • Compounding basics
  • Management Spreadsheet

We realize an investment during these tough times is a lot to ask, but investing in yourself and your company is always a good idea. We would love to hear from you.

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