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We own some of the most valuable trade secrets and intellectual property in the industry!

Fragrance Manufacturing Business For Sale –Pick Your Business Location

Fragrance & Flavour Manufacturer For Sale


Sales: TBD Depending on Location, Industry Average Year 1 <$5M USD

EBITDA margin: TBD Depending on Location, Industry Average Year 1 >20%

Asking price: Call for Price $

Location: Pick Your Business Location

Reason for sale: The owners are open to selling their manufacturing business intellectual property, formulas, & trade secrets to a buyer interested in operating in the USA, Europe, or Asian Markets.


This Innovative Business Model Offers Two Methods of Operation

(A) Manned Operation: Traditional Manufacturing: Requires 1-5 employees, raw material inventory, compounding, packaging, shipping, invoicing.


(B) Un-Manned Operation: No employees required on site. Negotiate with local chemical companies, chemical distributors, or even F&F Houses nearby or in-country to toll blend the formulas. Place a call and pay the bill. It’s that easy. They manufacture, package, and ship all formulas provided, after they sign the NDA. Please call us for more details.


Overview of this Fragrance & Flavour Manufacturer -Pick Your Business Location

The Firm is open to a strategic domestic or international buyer for their F&F manufacturing factory. The industry average for fragrance and flavor manufacturers is very profitable with a margin of more than 20%. The owners are willing to open doors to any interested party.


Profile for the Fragrance & Flavours Manufacturer

The company for sale is a chemical manufacturer’s intellectual property & trade secrets oriented at the production of sophisticated fine fragrances for personal care, detergents and functional goods. The parent manufacturing business was established approx. 23 years ago, however, during its existence, it has already grown into up a profitable global business.

The parent company owns a potential manufacturing site located in the State of Louisiana, USA. The production and ultimate location will be determined by the new owners but will be a factory with either semiautomatic or fully automatic dosing machines. The manufacturing factory includes all R&D intellectual property, trade secrets, and know-how with state-of-the-art chemistry technology aimed to deliver the best results in production. The parent company constantly invests high amounts in continuous research & development program.

The management is keen on maximizing innovation and cost effectiveness. The owners would like to sell their operation to a potential buyer who is interested to expand their business in the US, European, or Asian Markets.

Activities and services of this Fragrance & Flavours manufacturer for sale

The company for sale specializes in Fragrances & Flavour manufacturing and offers a wide portfolio of unique fine and functional fragrances for industries like

Global Brands

Personal Care


Fine Fragrances




Having highly optimized production and significantly lower overhead costs, the company can ensure a wealth of intellectual property, trade secrets, plus a low cost of production, which are a few key benefits of this opportunity.


Highlights of this Fragrance & Flavour Manufacturer

This company for sale has a strategic geographic location to be determined for addressing emerging and Global Markets. The parent company owns more than 35,000 Fragrance and Flavour formulas, which will be included in the sale upon execution of the agreement and is on a non exclusive basis. The company is highly profitable because of low overhead costs.


More information on this Fragrance & Flavour manufacturer for sale

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this Fragrance & Flavour manufacturer for sale. For more information, please visit: Innosolinc.com.

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