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Buying Fragrance and Flavor Formulas Has Never Been Easier

Innosol is the only fragrance & flavor technology company that focuses on improving the lives of all by reverse engineering perfumes & providing full perfume disclosure.

34,000 Fragrance Formulas

  • Best Sellers List   >4,000
  • Best Sellers, Bulk, over 10k.  >3,000
  • Custom Creation >4,000
  • Deformulation. >11,000
  • Core Formulaa. >11,000

Famous Brand Perfumes/Colognes: 1,600, CPG & National Brands: 1,700, Famous Candles: 2,517, Type/Dupe: 1,950, Deformulation: 7,816, Building, Blocks /Bases: 280…plus much more

Example Fragrance Types: Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus, Baccarat Rouge 540, Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Parfums de Marly Delina, Chanel No. 5, Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady, Yankee Candles, Trapp Candles, Axe Body Spray, Dove Soap.

Want to try a few formulas before committing to a package, please click the button below to purchase individual perfume formulas.

40,000 Ingredients

  • Data Sets Include the Formula: Ingredient, CAS, %, Apx. Cost, Formula Cost, Organoleptics:
  • Solubility Data: Vapor Pressure, Solubility & Relative Evaporation Rates, Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight, and working data sets for polymers, nanoparticles, skin permeation, & cytotoxicity.
  • Perfumer Notes & ~10 different perfumers odor assessment.
  • SDS Information, IFRA Information: Ingredients used in Chemical Trials, Studies: Data to make a pictograph sphere: Functional Groups Each formula contains upwards of 300 metrics, if available.

AI & ML Offer: Bundle 34k Formulas & 40k Ingredients in 1 Flat-File

  • Generate winning formulations, with Full Ownership Rights.
  • Reduce time to market by avoiding excessive lab experiments and stability testing
  • Add predictability to aroma & other sensory properties and overall consumer liking
  • Quickly achieve goals, such as sustainability and transparency
  • Track mean price of a formula throughout development

Let AI & ML help you increase production & gross revenue.

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Ready to Have an In-House Fragrance R&D Program? Try our Capital-Light Option

Explore our fragrance & flavor datasets for an enterprise wide connected business.


Take advantage of our data analysis, predictions, and processing of ingredient formulations, and let us combine your data with ours for a comprehensive solution in one integrated platform.

Database and Data Management

We can convert your raw data into a useable database.

Application Development and Integration

Do you have a custom application in mind? We will develop & deploy intelligent applications using our technology services.

It Takes 3+ Weeks For Humans to Create A Perfume Formula - It Takes AI Seconds

Speed to Market is A Critical Advantage. We apply machine learning & Artificial Intelligence to help you create new flavors & fragrances in-house using a perfumer-less system. Over the course of 24 years, we formulated & manufactured thousands of the world’s greatest personal care, pharma, and perfume formulas. Let us create an app for you.
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Reasons Why Our IP is Attractive 


  • Before Innosol, There was NO Digitized domain knowledge base and formula library for rapid learning and growth
  • Fortune 500 Firms study patterns in iconic perfumes to Kickstart R&D
  • Our formulas helped start 5 fragrance & flavor manufacturing businesses
  • Our IP creates best-selling perfumes using patterns found in top brands. AI Probability of Success, AI Generated Longevity, AI Trending Pattern, AI Pattern Likeability are all included in our Apps
  • Existing businesses save 30-50% off oil by owning their formulas
  • Removes high barriers to entry of the exclusive F&F market
  • AI creates combinations never thought possible for ultimate Flavor Exploration

Intellectual Property makes a brand more credible & Strategic IP assets kick-open doors for future ventures

Want to see real perfumer perfected perfumes by MFK, Chanel, Dior? Check out our recent reverse engineered Iconic Perfumes. 1000 Best Selling Perfumes

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Innosol, Inc. Benefits
Unilever -The Boring Company – Apple – Sinot
Innosol, Inc. Benefits

Reading & Writing Odors is now a Reality | Machine learning, data science, and chemistry

We've digitized odor molecules & successful patterns for the past 24 years. Our ingredient database includes over 40,000 molecules and over 35,000 Top Perfume formulas, Personal Care Products, as well as everyday odors, in (1) uniform, flat file.

Flavor Exploration

  • Explore: Massive and expanding collection of exclusive formulations from cutting-edge flavorists & perfumers.
  • Learn & Create Learn which & how ingredients are used, and in what % & create in house & on demand.
  • Analyze & Measure Study best selling flavor formula composition, through pattern analysis.
  • Replace & Optimize Side by side comparison & replace carbon based ingredients with sustainable ingredients.
  • It’s never too late to innovate using In-House Resources. 


Innovate Your Fragrance Program

  • Quantitatively and reproducibly measure odor and taste.
  • Measure and optimize fragrances & flavors to better understand the specific odor molecules that influence consumer preferences.
  • Provide tools and language to communicate the scent and flavor profile to consumers
  • Target-driven recipe development with real-time analysis of costs, ingredients, and compliance.
  • Simplified process for F&F creation, evaluation, and optimization.


Let us Create an App for You

  • Establish a platform for technological innovation within the fragrance & flavour space to capitalize on the trends of ingredient transparency, safety, sustainability, and building consumer confidence.
  • Extend your market reach & increase the efficiency of your fragrance-making process by using (AI) to search through scent knowledge, formulate new fragrances, and manufacture new scents.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to transform and customize the fragrance making process by predicting and capturing consumer preference.

The Aromas That Make Shoppers Spend More

  • You created an amazing product & you need to fragrance it.
  • So you choose an aroma based on personal preferences, a risky “guess”.
  • Large firms study competitor’s formulas, marketing data, & ingredient selection to pick winning aromas.
  • So Innosol, Inc. was born.
  • 30,000 Competitor Formulas & Buyer Statistics: Because now you can launch great smelling products that make shoppers spend more money.

To fully understand the level of detail we provide, it’s important to see actual perfume formulas. Click below to order formulas from MFK, Chanel, Dior, & Tom Ford.

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Aroma-Tune, Innosol’s  Ai Fragrance Creator, is Revolutionizing the Fragrance Industry

Innosol’s AI driven perfume formula generating app, Aroma-Tune brings imagination to life, producing stunning perfumes, fragrances & flavors in seconds. Our text-to-formula technology builds on our formulary database, AI, trade secrets, bases, accords, creativity, and expertise in machine learning.

Turn imagination into a fragrance formula. Our AI Perfume Generator brings ideas to life, producing stunning perfumes and fragrances & flavors in seconds. Unleash creativity and express yourself  and your brand in new ways with the power of AI.

IFRA Standards, Sustainability, Natural Ingredient Formulas Available, plus over 300 data points are available for each ingredient.

Aroma-Tune, Innosol’s AI Fragrance Creator, Perfume Formulas

Transform your business with Innosol's Aroma-Tune® Software

Evolve your business with services and support from Innosol – your trusted partner for digital transformation strategy and execution.
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Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation

Automation Improves Processes
Innosol’s automated formulation platform enables users to perform complex formulation workflows in a fully automated manner. Its unprecedented accuracy and ability to perform multiple formulations with changing or different variables simultaneously makes it easier to perform tasks in shorter periods of time and under very little supervision.

Innosol, perfume formulas

Transform your business with unparalleled service

Its advantages over manual formulation include, continuous real-time monitoring and control of all fragrance formulation parameters, including raw materials, acceptable percentages, alternate green materials, biodegradability, price, and, automatic logging of all data points. Determining many characteristics of new fragrances is now possible. Greatly reducing the time to market. Subjecting ingredients to varying parameters at the formula development stage in seconds, yet maintaining precision and accuracy throughout the process, is key.

Challenge: There is currently NO Digitized domain knowledge base and formula library for rapid learning and growth

Solution: We apply machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create new flavors & fragrances using a perfumer-less system. Over the course of 24 years, we formulated & manufactured thousands of the world’s greatest personal care, pharma, and perfume formulas. Let us create an app for you.

What are industry leaders with global brands saying?

We've demonstrated the power of our fragrance database to a few industry leaders with global brands and in their own words, they stated.
Economics -min

“Licensing Innosol’s Formulary has demonstrably reduced the cost of purchasing fragrance oils from our preferred 3rd. party mfg.” - Executive Vice President Supply Chain, Global CPG

  •  “Today’s Fragrance Houses offer very little innovation, and once we realized that many new fragrances are just flankers (or knockoffs) of other best sellers, we realized we could perform this R&D in-house & haven’t looked back.” – Chief Chemist, Candle Company
  • “Despite constituting less than 1% of our product’s volume, fragrances contribute up to 30% of its total cost of production. Not any more & Thanks Innosol.” –  President, Personal Care Mfg.

Economics -min

CPG's can now provide ingredient transparency.

  • “Our promise has always been to give customers the information they need to choose the right products for them. We’ve never been able to provide frag. Info, until now.”
  • No better place to find advanced analytic.
  • Great way to learn fragrance creation techniques, by seeing
  • We will now have control over how our new fragrances are designed
  • Great tool to teach people about fragrance ingredients
  • Searching& comparing thousands of real fragrance production formulas & national brands, in seconds, is priceless