Trending: Skinimalism vs Captives with Manufacturers caught in the Middle

Skinimalism vs captives innosolinc.com

Skin minimalism or skinimalism refers to minimizing the number of ingredients used in commercially available products to achieve healthy, natural looking skin. 

A captive odorant, or short captive, is an odorant or aroma chemical retained by the originating manufacturer for exclusive use in their own perfumes to protect them from imitation. Captives typically contain 100+ chemicals in their composition. Adding hundreds of additional chemicals to beloved products and ultimately to consumer’s body, skin, and air. 

The Skinimalistic movement reports steady month over month growth while igniting calls to action for manufacturers to reduce the total number of ingredients in products, as well as eliminating those that are unnecessary. 

While manufacturers are working hard to reduce the overall number of ingredients in their products, big F&F Houses are increasing the total number of chemicals in their oils through captives. 

Since fragrances are covered under trade secret laws, manufacturers cannot make fragrance company’s disclose all fragrance ingredients or captives as these are protected. 

This leaves manufacturers with few options to reduce the ingredient lists of their own brands and prototype formulations down to a minimum.

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