The Solution for Biodegradable and Sustainable Ingredients, Aroma-Tune

Biodegradable and Sustainable, Aroma-Tune

Innosol, Inc. is the first F&F manufacturer to license our trade secrets, a key component of our IP portfolio, and disclose our 30,000 Fragrance & Flavor production formulas to corporations. Now is your chance to utilize our 22 years of industry experience, formulas, and Aroma-Tune app. to give your brand a competitive edge.

Aroma-Tune® provides all actual ingredients by percentage in 30,000 top perfumes, global brands, candles, & pharma. These are actual production formulas, used to make thousands of pounds of fragrance oil, that were sold to CPG’s in over 30 countries. 

Our thoughts on transparency, In 2004, we were the 1st F&F House to publish a production formula in Happi Magazine:https://www.happi.com/issues/2004-11/view_formulary/deep-cherry-fragrance-oil/

Stunning visual displays with real time costing, odor strength, solubility, evaporation & stability (Over 400 columns of metrics per raw material). One platform to see all ingredients, twist proven formulas for guaranteed success, re-create & manufacture on demand.

When Biodegradability & Sustainability are Core Company Values, Choose Aroma-Tune for 100% formula & ingredient transparency.

In addition to our recipes & percentages for 30,000 top perfumes, global brands, candles, & pharma formulas, users will also receive the following most comprehensive fragrance and raw material database ever compiled.

            • Raw Material (SDS) Database: 40,000 raw materials with over 400 individual sds results.

            • Accord Database: 250 proven “Hooks” accords with approximately 50 ingredients each.

            • Standardized List of Fragrance Ingredients Database: 1,700 F&F standardized ingredients.

            • Solubility & Evaporation Database: 10,000 solubility & evap. parameters.

Please visit our website: https://innosolinc.com.  We would love to connect and show you the power of owning all IP from a 22 year old fragrance manufacturer, at a fraction of the cost of formulating/deformulating in-house.

We look forward to your call.