Why do CPG’s need 30,000 Fragrance Formulas

Aroma-Tune® for all who demand absolute control. We provide the software & 30,000 fragrance & product formulas R&D Chemists have been searching for including all ingredients by percentage.

In order to survive, a company has to continually introduce new products & fragrances to replace declining ones. However, some companies may not have the time or expertise to develop new products on their own, so they may decide to quickly acquire proven technology through licensing. Licensing strikes a balance between risk and reward, because it enables you to immediately take advantage of the R&D technology that took years to create.

Rather than keep our 30,000 fragrance & product formulas in a silo, we believe we should share our knowledge with the world so all manufacturers can produce safer products. We believe all manufacturers should have access to more eco-friendly, sustainable, ingredients and formulations. We’ve just introduced a way to efficiently offer the many benefits of being able to leverage the expertise of our team of perfumers & chemists. We call our system, Aroma-Tune®.

Innosol, Inc. over the course of 22 years, deformulated 30,000 of the world’s greatest personal care, pharma, and perfume formulas and we’re making this formulary available through Aroma-Tune. Innosol is the first fragrance manufacturer to license our trade secrets, intellectual property, and disclose production formulas to governments, research councils, and CPG R&D Firms.

Beginner packages starting with 250 formulas, specials through 07/04/22

Aroma-Tune® enables users to visually control ingredient attributes in real time – such as slice, replace, or optimize individual notes while seeing strength, duration, cost, ingredients, odors, and measure with accuracy how each change impacts the formula. Advanced metrics such as cohesive energy, molecular volume, Vapor-Pressure-Evaporation, and solubility are all at your fingertips.

AromaTune Slice, Innosolinc.com

AromaTune Slice, Innosolinc.com

The most exciting aspect of licensing our 30,000 fragrance formulas is the ability to visualize and slice best selling fragrance formulas from around the world, their composition, percentages, and all ingredients, graphically and in real time. The ability to compare them, study the patterns, percentages, and ingredients, is the disruptive R&D tool you’ve been searching for. Owning the formulas allows your firm to hedge against shortages and control one of the top level expenses in your overall product costs.
Some R&D professionals use our database to create new fragrances using patterns found in best selling perfumes as a guide. The addition of statistical analysis & Ai allows anyone with a computer and Innosol’s formulary to create best selling perfumes from known recipes.

A wealth of information is now available at your fingertips:

  1. A scent graph or graphic representation of the scent
  2. Top, middle, and base notes are identified and graphed.
  3. Odor characteristics of each raw material.
  4. The ability to identify accords in common.
  5. The ability to create new fragrances using historical formulations as a guide. We also provide guidance to create  new fragrances via Ai.

The Data package:

  •    Over 30,000 Fragrance formulas with 100% data standardization, using ~1,000 ingredients.
    • Over (450) data points per ingredient, per formula, including solubility & evaporation rates.
    • Only (1) File to upload for a seamless Store & Sync into your system.
    • Plus (+) 10 columns of aroma descriptions per ingredient, from 10 different perfumers.
    • Plus our Accord Database: with over 250 proven “Hooks”.

How can our Fragrance & Flavor Formulas help your R&D Team?

  •  Study patterns of the best selling global perfumes, fragrances, CPG brands, personal care, etc. per geographic area.
  •  R&D Chemists now have access to formulas to study without the risk of releasing in-house formulations.
  •  In-House R&D can study techniques and see how perfumers create formulations to develop and widen their own skills.
  •  Learn industry trade secrets, Ex: 75% of all new CPG fragrances have similar DNA to the most popular perfumes.
  •  CPG’s, Empowering (Management, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, R&D, etc.) to control this commodity.
  •  Production formulas showing all ingredients & percentages in Best Selling American Perfumes & Brands.
  •  All users can learn from our production formulas and build upon them to create originals.

With Aroma-Tune, you’re not just buying formulas, you are purchasing all intellectual property from a 22 years of F&F industry powerhouse.  We continue to blur lines between chemistry, engineering & technology. We are Americas most trusted Fragrance House for Perfume Formulas.

In other words, you are purchasing all intellectual property, formulas, trade secrets, from a fragrance and flavor manufacturer.  You will learn trade secrets and creation techniques such as encapsulation, mixing % per medium, ingredient names & attributes, solubility, evap. rates, and 450 important data points per ingredient.




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