You can’t improve – what you can’t see

you can't improve what you can't see -Aromatune

In order to survive, a company has to continually introduce new products & fragrances to replace declining ones. However, some companies may not have the money, time, or internal skills to develop new products on their own, so they may decide to quickly acquire proven technology through licensing. Licensing strikes a balance between risk and reward, because it enables companies to immediately take advantage of the R&D technology that took years to create.

License our 30,000 Fragrance & Product Formulas & our 22 years of experience.

New R&D: 

Laundry Perfumes – Perfume infused & luxurious laundry wash. High dosed & stable product formulas & perfume formulas are available for licensing and turnkey manufacturing. 

New Unisex Perfume/Cologne: Great Britain + 20 more currently available for new brand licensing.

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