Your Social Media is on Fire..Your global product smells different, smells cheap.

Dilemma: The big guys created your fragrance and for years it was successful and much loved, but recently it has been reformulated to hell and back, and the quality is no longer there, and now you’ve got a serious problem.

But it’s your name on the label, and you want to reformulate it in-house. However, you don’t own the formula, so you will basically be copying the original perfumer’s work. What legal issues or retaliation will you face? What a Mess.

Break this cycle and launch new global brands using Aroma-Tune, the industry’s first beginner friendly fragrance creation app. 

Our app allows you to create new fragrance formulas in-house that your company owns. You can now choose plant-based ingredients for greater #sustainability and #transparency. You can now manufacture oils anywhere in the world through a 3rd. party or manufacture in-house.

You will also have global access to all ingredient suppliers and laboratories to reduce your overall #carbonfootprint and raw material costs.  #aroma -Tune,  Create Anything


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