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Innosol, Inc. is the first F&F manufacturer to disclose fragrance formulas, our trade secrets, a key component of our IP portfolio, by licensing our formulary containing 30,000 production formulas. Now is your chance to utilize our 22 years of industry experience, formulas, and Aroma-Tune app. to give your brand a competitive edge & manufacture oils on-site & on-demand.

We at Innosol believe the path toward creating a superior perfume or product starts with transparency & complete communication followed by robust data analytics and thoughtful research insights.

We created Aroma-Tune with one goal, and it wasn’t to ruin the mystique of perfume creation or mechanize the creation process—or even step on other perfumers’ toes. It’s to help people learn and allow them to choose better, more sustainable ingredients.




Research & Development Aroma Tune

Research & Development Aroma Tune

Trend #1

LVMH Built a Fragrance Manufacturing Facility & in 1 year, profits increased by 25%: In a May 28th article in Le Monde entitled “Le groupe LVMH se réapproprie la fabrication de ses parfums” (“The LVMH group re-appropriates the production of its perfumes”), Nicole Vulser exposes LVMH’s position to manufacture internally & move away from mega fragrance houses.

Per the article, It’s no secret that one of the largest and most well-known luxury brands in the world, has benefitted from fragrance manufacturing. In 2011, LVMH built a fragrance compounding facility outside Paris research centre at Saint-Jean-de-Braye, and began producing fragrance oil.

Why? Cost-effectiveness: The Company will pay less for products it makes itself, and for bulk purchases of raw materials. They will also benefit from better more sustainable materials, or even the readjustment of a formula that was radically mistreated by IFRA standards. Transparency! Listing all fragrance ingredients on the label.

How is this possible? Most Billion-dollar brands don’t own the formulas of their perfumes, or know all of the ingredients within. The owners are the fragrance houses that develop those formulas: as a consequence, the big fragrance houses remain the sole suppliers of the oil.

Is this Legal? Formulas are neither protected by copyright laws nor patented to protect their secrecy. GC-MS has rendered secrecy a moot point since products are analyzed within days of their launch. In June 16th 2006 the final court of appeal in France ruled that “the fragrance of a perfume does not constitute the creation of a form of expression that can benefit from the protection given to works of art.”

LVMH can do so perfectly legally. Once a formula is altered, it becomes a different product. LVMH owns everything but the original formula and can therefore put whatever it pleases in the bottles under the name and packaging to which it owns the copyright. The article further states that LVMH is now not only mixing the oils and alcohol in its plants, but producing part of the blends provided by its external suppliers. LVMH has also centralized the purchase of certain raw materials.

How can Aroma-Tune Help? Aroma-Tune® provides all ingredients by percentage in 30,000 of the world’s best selling fragrance formulas. Aroma-Tune® twists a formula, replaces chemicals with sustainable ingredients, thus creating new proprietary formulations that your brand fully owns plus you can now manufacture on-site & on-demand.  This simple “twist” with our software makes a truly unique fragrance, averting liability for breaching any contractual obligation as your company just developed this truly unique formula.

LVMH is not affiliated with Innosol, Inc., our products, our website, nor do they sponsor or endorse our materials.

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Trend #2

Many CPG and specialty product manufacturers don’t own the fragrance formulas used in their brands. These are owned by the fragrance house that created them. If your name is on the label, and you don’t own the fragrance formula that is used in your flagship products, or even know all of the ingredients in them, there is a problem. How can you possibly improve your brand or know if the ingredients are harmful or not? What a mess.

We at Innosol Fragrances, unlike our competitors, believe in full formula transparency, it’s in our DNA. For example, In 2004, Innosol was the first fragrance manufacturer to publish a live production formula in Happi Magazine: https://www.happi.com/issues/2004-11/view_formulary/deep-cherry-fragrance-oil/


Trend #3

We use chemists, perfumers, and GC-MS technologies, to create or crack fragrance formulas with accuracy.  GC-MS is a technique for separating the components of a vapor by observing the different speed by which each chemical component is expelled from a long tube through which a sample of the vapor is swept. Once the components have been separated, mass spectrometry identifies the various separated molecules and their relative volumes in the composition of the vapor.

Pattern Analysis Aroma-Tune

Pattern Analysis Aroma-Tune

Trend #4

Pattern analysis has been used for hundreds of years by perfumers to ignite sales and guarantee acceptance by the masses. “The simpler the perfume, the more approachable and familiar it feels. The more familiar a perfume, the more likely consumers will enjoy it. This trend is not new to the perfume industry. It’s called the “mere exposure effect.” So, what’s the best way to ensure a perfume will hit?  Know the patterns!

We in the perfume business take this to the next level using “flankers.” A flanker is a modified version of a successful fragrance, that takes the patterns of that fragrance and modifies some of the notes only slightly, creating a different fragrance with a familiar vibe.

Several of the best selling CPG products on the shelves today all have one thing in common. They have similar DNA to best selling perfumes or other global brands, with increased citrus notes, or aquatic notes, or woody notes. In addition, the expensive and rare ingredients are usually removed, to transform the best selling perfume, into a best selling CPG product.

Our Aroma Tune App comes with 30,000 top production formulas (perfumes, personal care, global brands, candles, pharma) & enables you to visually twist & control chemical attributes in real time – such as create, replace, or optimize individual notes or the entire formula while seeing strength, duration, cost, ingredients, odors, and measure with accuracy how each change impacts the formula. Advanced metrics such as cohesive energy, molecular volume, Vapor-Pressure-Evaporation, and solubility are all at your fingertips.

Our Aroma Tune App, fragrance formulary & ingredient toolbox serve as your new innovation engine, strengthening your R&D strategy and equipping all brands with ingredient transparency.


Aroma-Tune provides actual ingredients by percentage in 30,000 top perfumes, global brands, candles, & pharma.


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Trend #5

We created Aroma-Tune to allow our customers to create fragrances on demand using historical best sellers as an inspiration.  These newly created (formulas) can be legally protected as intellectual property– Protected under Trade Secrets, Trademark, and Trade Dress. Protecting fragrance formulas adds value to your company and protection from others invading your market.

As many of you know, patents and copyrights don’t safeguard a fragrance formula’s intellectual property. The term for a patent is only twenty years, which is considerably less than the market lifespan for a successful perfume. Copyright doesn’t provide protection for fragrances, as it cannot be communicated or perceived in an effective and consistent manner, per the courts. A Trademark will however allow the fragrance to regain some authority over sales and use of a product. We believe trademark and trade dress will become the industry standard and offer strong & viable protection and increase the value of your company and brand.


Globally Connected, Locally Invested -Aroma Tune

Globally Connected, Locally Invested -Aroma Tune

Trend #6

Remember the famous quote by Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Describing a problem you’re having is easy, but finding the right solution is key.

Current supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, & shortages, are all problems you need to resolve. Sourcing sustainable fragrance ingredients locally while increasing local content requirements solves many of these problems once and for all. Aroma-Tune®, our beginner friendly fragrance creation app, was created to allow virtually anyone to create fragrances & compound on demand using local & sustainable ingredients, eliminating supply chain disruptions for good.  Globally connected, Locally invested. -Aroma-Tune


Trade Secrets Defined

Trade secrets are (IP) rights on confidential information which may be sold or licensed. In general, trade secrets are: commercially valuable because it is secret: be known only to a limited group of persons, and:be subject to reasonable steps taken by the owner or holder of the information to keep it secret.

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