What’s the “Secret” ?

What’s the “Secret” behind launching new global brands that crush all competitors?
Pattern analysis has been used for hundreds of years by perfumers. “The simpler the perfume, the more approachable and familiar it feels. The more familiar a perfume, the more likely consumers will enjoy it. This trend is not new to the perfume industry. It’s called the “mere exposure effect.” So, what’s the best way to ensure a perfume will hit?  Know the patterns!
The best selling perfume companies take this to the next level using “flankers.” A flanker is a modified version of a successful fragrance, that takes the patterns of that fragrance and modifies some of the notes only slightly, creating a different fragrance with a familiar vibe.
Several of the best selling CPG products on the shelves today all have one thing in common. They have similar DNA to best selling perfumes or other global brands, with increased citrus notes, or aquatic notes, or woody notes. In addition, the expensive and rare ingredients are usually removed, to transform the best selling perfume, into a best selling CPG product.
Aroma-Tunes gives you the power to explore and learn these secret patterns so you can use this knowledge along with your artistry and creativity to create the next global best seller.

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