Is it possible to re-launch an existing brand with all food grade fragrance ingredients? Aroma-Tune®

Art moves viewers by evoking emotions…   Ex: “Matador’s End”.   

Listing all fragrance ingredients and replacing #carbon-based ingredients in your global brand(s) with eco-alternatives will also evoke #emotions. 

#AromaTune®, 30,000 of the worlds best selling fragrance formulas, with 450 data points per ingredient, now available for licensing. Our software gives users the ability to identify & switch ingredients with confidence. Helping you provide both a responsible product and label. 

Innosol, Inc.® is an international fragrance and flavor manufacturer and creator of #AromaTune®. Our #disruptive yet globally adopted technology that takes a successful fragrance, analyzes patterns & identifies carbon based ingredients, and suggests eco and in many cases, sustainable, food grade replacements.

Eliminating silos while inviting your Leadership Team, Supply Chain, Marketing, Environmental, Manufacturing, & Finance, to help make strategic decision to manage this category and your overall fragrance portfolio.

“Matador’s End” by AimeeChaisonDesigns  Printed with expressed permission from the artist.