Shaking up the Flavor Industry with More Than Great Tastes -Aroma-Tune

Shaking up the Flavor Industry With More Than Great Tastes -Aroma-Tune

Most consumers interact with F&F end products on average 20 to 30 times per day. From the coffee, tea, and milk we drink, and even the toothpaste we use, …from ice cream to lipstick to fine wine, pharma and nutraceuticals, the F&F industry is subtly but extensively integrated into our daily lives. 

What’s driving the Flavor Industry?

  • A Focus on R&D, Namely Sustainability
  • More health-conscious lifestyles
  • A Growing demand for natural ingredients
  • An Increased demand for processed foods
  • An Increased focus on wellness and (good tasting) dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals

For those who demand absolute control over flavor & fragrance creation, ingredient selection, manufacturing, and every aspect of formulation management. Providing formula ownership without exception. (Percentages & Ingredients) – Aroma-Tune®

Our software, Aroma-Tune, blurs the lines between flavors & fragrances.  Experience our software for yourself to see what you can create.  Some of our users are experimenting with Edible-Scents: “Fragrances created using food-grade ingredients” – Which is opening a whole new world for many industries.


With raw materials literally fueling the industry, sustainability efforts are now the central focus. Add real substance to your specialized annual reports that detail sustainability and conservation efforts, as well as steps the company has taken to minimize their environmental footprint. Aroma-Tune is helping in all of these areas.

Food Science /Global Agriculture/Global Food Technology

In an industry that targets two of the five human senses, advanced knowledge of food science and all flavor ingredients provided by Aroma-Tune is invaluable. As global sustainability efforts increase, advanced knowledge of global food technology & ingredients are becoming mandatory. Companies using Aroma-Tune for the first time are learning exactly how flavors and fragrances are created.

Drug Discovery & Development 

For over a hundred years, we and other flavor companies have helped make medicine taste better, by providing the most effective flavor and masking solutions to help make health care as tasty as possible.

Our software, Aroma-Tune, blurs the lines between fragrances and flavors. Since many fragrances use over 70% food grade ingredients, our software allows users to quickly identify and remove all non-food grade ingredients in fragrance formulas, and replace them with food grade alternatives, opening up a whole new world for the Flavor Industry.

In addition to coffee, tea, and milk we drink, and even the toothpaste we use, flavored tablets, chewables, gummies, and lozenges are rising in demand by the younger and older demographics and are leading the way in market growth. Pharma manufacturers globally are all experiencing high demand for oral drug formulation for flavored tablets, chewables, gummies, and lozenges.

While the FDA does not require flavor companies to disclose the individual ingredients that make up flavors used in their products— Creative manufacturers in the flavor industry now expect to know all of the ingredients in flavors used in their products and with Aroma-Tune, they now have a formulary & software system to help them positively influence the market and grow overall market revenue.

Aroma-Tune®, 30,000 of the worlds best selling fragrance & flavor formulas now available for licensing.

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