Trying to bring scent to the Metaverse? Software Engineers rely on Innosol, Inc. and our 30,000 fragrance formula database for scent composition.

Scent the Metaverse, Innosolinc.com

The majority of the Metaverse is currently being developed by software engineers, who, while very skilled & talented in their field, lack the nuanced knowledge and databases of scent composition. This is where we step in. Our fragrance database is the one-tool software engineers need, to get them from where they are today, to the scented Metaverse of tomorrow.

Over 30,000 Fragrance formulas with 100% data standardization, using ~1,000 ingredients.

  • Over (450) data points per ingredient, per formula, including solubility & evaporation rates.
  • Only (1) File to upload for a seamless Store & Sync into your system.
  • Plus (+) 10 columns of aroma descriptions per ingredient, from 10 different perfumers.
  • Plus our Accord Database: with over 250 proven “Hooks”.

We are a collaboration of perfumers, chemists, and artists working together to create the most sought after fragrances in the world. Our team works with trendsetters that range from professions in fashion and the arts, to musicians who prefer their own notes, sports icons with excellent brand integrity, events and entertainment influencers, and business development leaders. When it comes to making a statement, we help you do it without saying a word…Innosol, Inc.

Employing Fragrances to create more realistic training in the Metaverse, our 30,000 fragrance formulas bring your software to life.

Fragrances: For Training

A motorcyclist is lying injured next to his motorcycle after being struck from behind.  His motorcycle was damaged during the accident and now is on fire. You can hear him from a distance as he screams out in pain asking for help. He was hit by a pickup truck, and his left leg was sheared off, with blood and bone fragments everywhere. In the air, there is a distinct odor of burnt skin, rubber, paint, and fuel now  permeating the surrounding air.

An EMT runs out to the treat the seriously injured biker. He kneels and continues talking to the man and immediately begin treatment.

 What is your name? Do you still know where you are? He asks constantly as he is  systematically working on the injury.

 Fortunately, the situation is not real. The biker lying in the street is an actor, This is the latest tool in training, and the whole event takes place in a shipping container converted to a simulator. It’s not bone fragments that stick out from the legs of  his jeans, but a thick rubber leg that’s smeared with fake blood.

On the other hand, the scent is very realistic and is the latest weapon in the fight to prepare EMT’s, nurses, and interns, for the forefront.

Working with the smell of burnt flesh may sound terrible, but it is necessary. When a medical worker has to treat an injured or burned patient after an accident, the smell shouldn’t scare them off.

The one thing missing from most training programs is the actual smell of the environment. Working with the smell of burnt flesh, smoke, and blood may sound terrible, but it is necessary. When a medical worker has to treat an injured or burned patient after an accident, the smell shouldn’t scare them.

More and more industries are adding fragrances to educate workers for the most realistic scenarios.

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